Banana-smoothie lovin’

Don’t you just love the tempting banana smoothie with the succulent fruit picked just right for the season? Hmm..come on.. I know you do. I could just hear your thoughts go slurp, slurp, slurp with the sugar crystals gliding down to your belly..hehe

But here’s an even better idea. Check out Sh@vs. The newest and coolest INTERNET SMOOTHIE BAR right in the heart of the City of Naga (in Cebu..not to be confused with Naga City in Bicol though my friends and I have had some really cool memories there last year..mucho thanx to Mayor Jesse, Sir Nick, Lawrence and all the wonderful Bicolanos we’ve met ;-)).

Freebies await you on the opening day – October 8, 2007.

And oh, welcome to my blog!


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