Feeling crappy??? ……….maybe (hehehe)

Not feeling particularly good. My throat is warm and i feel the beginnings of a fever – torn between blowing off a dinner engagement with friends, playing guitar hero at a friend’s bf’s house, and voice chatting with the bf later this evening. Haha. A girl could only do so much. Sorely tempted to just go home and get some zzz’s. But don’t want to be labeled “killjoy” again (which is actually very ironic coz the friends have already attached that to me a long long time ago i should have gotten used to it already…lol).
Hopefully, I’ll get better before we hear mass at 6:30 tonight. Please, dear water, work your wonders on poor me. Hehehe.

Anyways, found this really cute playlist from www.fiql.com.
What made me take notice was not the playlist itself (though the site is chockful of uber stuff) but by what the author placed on the description. She said that she once answered a survey on what she thinks are the most appropriate songs for several categories that include: “falling in love”, “breaking up”, “getting back together”, etc. Made me think of doing a similar survey. Hmm. Now there’s an idea. Hehehe

Luv this: http://www.fiql.com/playlists/my_life_the_soundtrack/


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