A Bad Day…..?

…..maybe..depends on what else is gonna happen later..still been 2 hours and a half since work started (though i feel too lethargic and sick to even work that the idea of going home is actually very very much appealing now. Hehe) And nope, Daniel Powter is not gonna sing in the background (very much tempted to call him but I’m restraining myself so no worries there. πŸ˜› hehe)

I think I could prolly blame my feeling sick with any of these:

1. playing badminton too hard (yeah, I remember promising a story on what happened last night. hehe)

It’s been weeks since I last played so you could just imagine what my muscles are going through right now. Cramps are an understatement. Even had to drag myself to work (well, okay, that one’s an exaggeration. haha). But it was worth it. Had so much fun (them too as they laughed at me making my signature moves.. lol). Chen and I even won 1 set. Not bad, not bad at all. πŸ˜€

2. getting rain soaked

As usual, I never bring an umbrella so there we (Jez, Chen and me) were yesterday at 5:40pm in the Magellan’s Park, laughing and smirking while waiting for a jeepney to take us to SouthPoint in Basak and evidently getting wet. It was cold. A fun cold but nevertheless cold. Next time, the heavens should like ring a bell or something before they let their sprinklers on. (And yes, I could hear someone saying now, better check the weather report everyday, dear, or bring an umbrella just it case it drizzles. Drat. Hehe)

3. sleeping late

Can’t help it. It’s like me and my pc got this super kind of connection that I’ll die if I won’t be able to do stuff on it as soon as I get home. And it usually lasts till 12 midnight or longer if: a) I’m not sleepy yet; b) the bf doesn’t remind me that’s it’s already way past my bedtime (on nights when we get to talk); c) nothing particularly good on mafiahoodz (haha..this is another story, I promise. *wink*). So this gurl’s been sleeping late these days (or nights..whatever works). And oh, now that I’m getting dedicated to work on my blog, I think I’ll prolly be sleeping late even more. Haha (Yes, hunni. I promise it won’t be every night. You and my ma are always on my case. Grrr. Just kidding. Hehe)

Before i forget though, the bf did make these yesterday as his way of “retaliating” to my emotibles. They’re cute, actually. ^_^

Smug and Rawr

Maybe before I know it, he’d be addicted to making them, too. Another thing we got in common. Hahaha

(*** My friend asked why I had to use green to emphasize the above mentioned causes and I said “coz they say your skin would turn green if you get sick” and he’s like “lol..you always got reasons for everything..hahaha”)

5 thoughts on “A Bad Day…..?

  1. To mercifulrain:

    Hi! Thanks for taking the time to browse this churva blog. hehe
    Yeah, it can be quite hectic sometimes that’s why this gets pushed to the back burner. But I think I’m starting to really enjoy this so entries would get posted more frequently now. (and I’m crossing my fingers on that..hahaha)

    I’m happy to know that you’re doing well in Singapore. ^_^

    To Julius Bacosa:

    Thanks! I’ll try to explore your site prolly this evening if I get home early.

  2. hahah! badminton?..yayks! ur one of the interesting player..and ur “fun” to play with…:D

    Keep it up mauie..more training and u will be the BEST..heheh

    P.S Lets play again okies πŸ˜‰

  3. hahaha…the best..? i doubt it…lol
    but i’ll prolly train just for laughs πŸ˜›

    yeah, let’s play again..Tuesday, ayt..? ^_^

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