“Missing” Syndrome

Do you ever feel like your senses are drowned in an unusual sense of longing for something or someone that whatever you do, you won’t be able to function well unless you can pinpoint what exactly made you miss that something or someone or if you won’t be able to get that something or talk/see that someone?

Too many words, I know.

Bottom line is: I miss Julie, Neil and Sir Tads. We all do. Been a very long time since I last spoke to any of them (Julie sometimes on ym. Skype goes bonkers most of the time. Hehe) So I made a little something through the ever lovable emotibles just to let you guys know how much we miss you (hopefully, you’d check out my blog soon..already emailed you the url).

To Neil, your birthday’s coming up (I know your silver hair’s doing a good job of reminding you that so there’s actually no need for me to say it..lol..Yup, I can still be bitchy if I want to..Hahaha..Peace.. ^_^). Hopefully the “Survivors” get to hang out then. Brews? Haha Why not? 😉 Too bad Joint’s no longer available. But we’ve been playing at Baseline these past few weeks and the place is kinda cool (on the few times I went there..:p). I expect you to drop me a line this week. You know my number. Hehe

To Sir Tads, how’s the vacation? How are you enjoying a foreign country by yourself? And where are your pics? Hehe Add me on ym so I can chat with you (or I might add you tonight if I get home before 11. Guess what? We’re watching X-Files at 7:30 at SM. :p). We miss you. Really. Truly. Plus, it hasn’t been the same without you here. And too bad, you weren’t there during the Strategic Planning. It would have been fun to go through the “scary” module you prepared. Hahaha

And to Julie, when are you visiting us? You keep telling Chen it’s a surprise. Bad girl. Haha Hope you can join us for dinner and a pitcher (or two..lol) of Sangria on Friday night at The Wine Shop (Naynay promised to treat us..good news, ayt? hehe) She, Chen and Te Carms made plans for us going to disco after (disco..so 80’s..groovy..haha). We all miss you. Take care and don’t come back without a boyfriend or Nerdie Aguilar (at the least..muahahahaha) in tow. Just kidding. ^_^

missing many

And to answer that question I posed earlier: Yes, that happens to me sometimes.


4 thoughts on ““Missing” Syndrome

  1. hey there!

    I miss you guys a lot too.

    Just can’t find the right time to meet up with you guys… You know… my scheds kinda reversed now. Working nights, asleep during the day… but i know someday, we’ll be able to find time.

    Who’s the bf? Mind telling me someday? hehehe

    Anyway, thanks for keeping in touch and I promise to be more available soon. Stay cool and ever charming.


  2. Hi, Neil!

    As in we super miss you na..grabe jud..hehehe
    We understand how hectic your sked is right now. Hope you’re enjoying your work.

    Last Thursday, Chen invited me for a dinner at their place. So it was the four of us (me, Chen, Mayvel and Poloy) who shared a pork something-something viand (courtesy of Imay) over rice and Coke. And we got to talking about the outings, etc. and then about the surprise we got for you on your 2006 birthday. Lingawa ato noh..hehehe

    Just let us know when you’ll be available aron makalaag pud ta..puwede kaayo out of town. hehe
    Thanks for taking the time to reply. ^_^

  3. Hi All,

    Am I really missed? If so, well… the feeling is mutual. While waiting for our instructor, I’m pushing myself to comment on this blog. Gosh, I’m having tough times here. Everything seems so new. The place, the people around, the system. They all knock me off (to bed..hehe). But whatever… I know I can do this. This is the greatest adjustment I’ve ever done so far. I’ve never been so out of my comfort zone… I’ve never been so far to my special someone, to my family and friends, I’ve never been so anxious… not until I got here. I used to feel so comfortable of everytihng. I could still vividly remember how sporty we are. We almost tried everything, wall climbing, billiards, badminton, bowling… equestrian(jowks!) hmmm.. not to mention our counterstrike team-up(fire in the hole!). Makes me feel so homesick. I feel so alone. But I’m trying to pull myself off from that feeling ‘coz I know everything that’s happening has a purpose. Well, this is just a start. As we start to enter into a state of maturity, we have to face things on our own. Trying not to depend too much on others. (still thinkin…whats next….nways,)

    Thank you so much guys! You are part of who I am right now. Change is the only thing permanent in this world as they say, but I will prove them wrong. Coz you guys will stay in my heart even after forever. I so miss you guys! I love you so much!!!Til our next adventure!

  4. Gaw, nag-nosebleed ko..hehehe
    Bitaw, I miss the CS na..told Chen bitaw that we’ll start playing again (hopefully starting next week? my sked’s going to let up as soon as I’m done with YMA. Yay!).

    Well, I am happy, very happy, that you have started to adjust to your new environment and that you’re becoming more mature (char! haha). I salute you for taking the chance to make it there and I’m very sure you will.

    You’re one hell of a friend (with an emphasis on the word “hell”..haha), one that will never be forgotten.
    Thanks! (and I put a lot into that one word). ^_^

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