What a Letdown

…to borrow the words of vernatoo who posted a comment on a review made by Philbert Ortiz Dy at www.clickthecity.com for The X-Files: I want to Believe. And his review pretty sums up how I felt about the movie.

The film was oddly disappointing. It lacked the luster and some sort of magic that I was expecting from a once famous long-time running series that spawned 2 movies (this one included), a pretty recognizable theme and a million of fans, most of whom have followed the series since its pilot run in 1993. The plot lacked “meat” and the twists were not twisting enough. Or it twisted enough for the movie to get strangled on its own. No wonder we heard a choking sound as the credits rolled by.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I didn’t appoint myself as resident juror nor anybody did. However, as a movie-goer whose main goal is to get entertained, I believe (to believe..the premise on which the entire movie is built upon) I should get my money’s worth (and my friends’ monies’, too, as I ganged up on them to watch it with me..on a weeknight…sheesh). And to me, the movie would have been great (coz it was actually pretty okay just not that exciting) if the plot is much grander/complicated/just plain great. In fairness to David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, who are easily believable as Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, they delivered good (read: just good, not exceptional) performances. I felt like I was back in high school watching them on RPN 9 on a Monday night on the rare occasions that I get to stay up late on the pretense of doing extra schoolwork. Hahaha. And oh, if they could have gotten a much credible-looking actress than Amanda Peet, who looked washed out with that messy hair, much much better.

i want to believe international movie poster

*** This is the international movie poster done in Polish (from www.filmschoolrejects.com).

Last words? Watch the movie only if you’re an X-Files fanatic or if you’re in love with the Mulder-Scully tandem (or even just with Mulder..i’m guilty as charged..hehe) or if you believe that your friends love you beyond reason that they wouldn’t mind wasting their money and Wednesday evening (which in my case was what happened..hahaha..luv yah, guys! you’re the best! mwaah). Oh yeah, I think the couple sitting a row behind us were ready to kill me as I was too loud explaining some of the scenes. What a way to get their evening spoiled (or more spoiled..:P) ^_^

P.S. For hardcore David Duchovny fans, you can check out his blog: THE DUCHOVNY FILES.


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