Of White Peep-Toe Shoes and Lime Yellow Toenails

Nope. Teacher Mauie is not on duty nor is she dying to discuss the color wheel with you lot but rather just to let you know that I’m not putting this baby to sleep anytime soon (not after a remarkable week last week of an entry-after-entry frenzy). No way! Just got addicted actually to sharing my thoughts and whatevers. ^_^

Hmm. What has happened to me in the last 4 days, you ask? Well, nothing much. Just got giddy on kamikazees, belted a few songs, was surprised at a friend’s unexpected arrival (sweet reunion for the Bratz 🙂 ), walked along Panganiban St. under a gray night sky, rode a CITOM mobile patrol vehicle, presented a report at 10:30 on a Saturday night, had a very very late dinner, got sick, recovered, got hooked up on Limewire, paid bills, went on a book hunt at National Bookstore (can’t wait for the big September sale! Yay!!!), indulged on Toblerone, woke up at 4:15 on a Monday morning to jog with the sis and cousins in the local park and the SRP sidewalk and center island (haha..try it! really good ^_^), munched on a burger with yummy spicy sauce by the beach (i’m forever grateful for the 24/7 Burger Machine! hehe), smiled over a good news, got my toenails painted in bright lime yellow (thank God for Nang Celsa!:) ), visited my aunt’s grave before sundown, praised my Pa’s cooking, kissed the family, bitched over stupid internet connection, remembered cute little Jamba and got sad, worked on a secret (but not really secret-secret) personal pet project, anticipated the arrival of my new Aussie CHITAO (grrr..i think I’m salivating..lol..just kidding), enjoyed a fruit salad flavored ice candy at P7.00, played Scruffs, helped my fave mafia game get some traffic, dreamt of space creatures (lol..not really..haha…just thought they might have been..details too hazy to recall..hehe), had a rice and tocino overload during today’s breakfast (yum-yum), wore my favorite white peep-toe shoes to work. Really, nothing much. Hahaha

Been thinking lately though if my entries are rather too selfish or are so focused on me, me, me. Will rethink blogging goals soon. This baby’s definitely needing some major overhaul (ohhhhh..fancy term..hehe).


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