Decidedly Depressed

Missing out on a really great trip just because you have to do a presentation??? Tell me if you won’t be as depressed as I am when you know in your heart you’d much rather enjoy your friends’ company (after 8 months of missing them :() than attend some function you clearly have lost interest in months ago.

I am going to be decidedly depressed for the next 3 weeks.

No, make that forever. Not being able to go to Baguio with Chen and Julie this September is such a bummer. I’ll be sure to spread my bad vibes during the function and make everyone else’s time as bad as mine. I so love the Emily (the Strange) in me. Insert a very evil laugh here.

Put a sock in it, Bono! Today is clearly not a Beautiful Day.


2 thoughts on “Decidedly Depressed

  1. Everything happens for a reason shall I say… Every single chance comes with a perfect timing. Go on with the flow.. missing out an opportunity because you have to attend of some event only means one thing… it isn’t time yet. But of course, it doesn’t mean you won’t get to have that chance again… There will always be. If it’s for you… it’s going to be for you… You’ll be surprised!!! So, take it easy…mwaaaaaah..

  2. Grrr…but it still doesn’t make me feel better for missing out on that trip…besides, you guys know how I feel about that presentation..hahahaha
    Well, I guess you’re right though..maybe that trip really isn’t for me and I would have that opportunity again soon (and no churvas will snatch that chance, I tell you..won’t allow it..hehehe)
    Hope you and Chen have fun! And take lotsa pics! ^_^

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