I need coffee!

Not for the saccharine excuse but just to jolt me up. Feeling lethargic this early. Three days of nothing but relaxing at home (and being online for most of that time..haha) can do that to you. But my wanting coffee is not really true. Never been a coffee person. More like the milk type (yup..ever since I was kid..sheesh) I just can’t decide what to call this post. Hehehe

Anyways, got something. This is actually composed of 2 separate sketches. On the right side, “Zanz“, was done on a beautiful Saturday morning (May 17.08) while we were discussing our project concept. I was idly listening to Delight talking while my hand was busy doodling (see my squiggly handwriting? Was using my project notes that time..hehe). “Roadrunner” was created just last night while I was waiting for my cousins to finish playing Ran Online. I’ve been wanting to give him a partner but I never had the chance to do so until last night. “Roadrunner” and “Zanz” are mine and the bf’s mafia names.

i heart dude

Didn’t even notice that they form a heart until my mama pointed that out to me last night. Hehehe

Oh. Changed my header over the weekend (in case you missed it). ^_^


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