15 minutes to 1 a.m.

– 5 friends online: 1 busy (Charmine, what were you doing with those maps, continents, etc? hehe), 5 on SMS, 1 mobile..the rest are in Slumberland
– Ely Buendia telling me Huwag Mo Ng Itanong. Didn’t think that music could sound that good early in the morning with just me and my headset. Besides, there’s some certain kilig when the lead vocals of a very popular (now defunct but still very popular, if not one of the most popular) Pinoy band sings (lol..i’m just a girl, can’t help it..haha).
– Is it not illegal for a guy to make you fall in love with him through his voice? Well, that’s just what Jack Johnson did when he sang Better Together…grrrr…if ever I’d get stranded on an island, I’ll make sure he’s around..hahaha
– Webroot running a full sweep after 22 items quarantined in its quick sweep (1 adware, the rest are cookies)
– Neighbor’s kid crying out loud (possibly teething)
– Waited for Photoshop to transform the pink rose after resizing it (not much of a rose fan..heavy hint here..idk if he’s getting this..hahaha). Hot pink looks yummy on turquoise though.
– Asked Charmine to take a break from whatever she’s doing and read my blog instead..hehe
– Mika got it right with Love Today
– Smiled..remembered the mornings (but not this early..haha) I had to wake up early during elementary (never felt this kind of happy…and there are a thousand if not a million kinds of happiness, they say…something about the evening must have made me this beaming..hehe)
– Mae’s We’re So Far Away seemed especially haunting. I don’t have to say that I can so relate to it..(oops..no sad faces allowed here..not in this particular post, anyway..haha)
– got annoying pop-up messages..ugh! (Oops..edit that..:P)
Love Song for No One. Thanks, Mr. John M.!
– Turned off the pc at 1:00 a.m. on my system clock (the time in the title was courtesy of our wall clock, which is several minutes advance) just as John Waite was telling me I Ain’t Missing You. Grrr..hehehe
(No, Katherine [McPhee]. I’ll listen to your Love Story tomorrow night. Now it’s time for me to take a few winks.) ^_^


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