Back in my arms again

Actually, I’m torn between calling this post as that and “I love Shuya!!!” but this won after a minute of deliberation. (Truth be told, I’m afraid some Dude might get jealous if I go with the second one. Hahaha. :P)

Finally got my fave book back. Been wanting to read Battle Royale again after months (seven, eight..can’t remember) of it being passed from L to J. Yay!!! I have yet to see the movie though.
Battle Royale - Koushun Takami
This English translation of a popular Japanese fiction by Koushun Takami got me hooked with its originality, violence (admit it, everyone’s got that violent streak that lays dormant unless provoked :P), and intensely driven plot. I love it and I love Shuya Nanahara (umm..and Shinji Mimura and Shogo Kawada, too). Hahaha

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