Whole Cheese and Half Beef

There I was in my best imitation of a JK Rowling moment (jotting down stuff a la fabulous writer in her most important and cannot-be-disturbed-because-I’m-going-to-publish-a-million-bucks-worth-of-a-novel mode) while quite oblivious to the noise around me as SM can be a bit noisy sometimes. Only in my case, the place I chose to be enlightened is Tacos – mine and everyone else’s fave Mexican food stall while JK downed more than just several cups of joe in a cozy Scottish coffeehouse of which its name escapes me. I remembered seeing that particular episode in Susan Enriquez’s Pinoy Meets World show on a late Sunday night a few months back. Seriously, I need to take memory enhancing supplements soon. πŸ˜€

And as the quesadilla slowly disappeared slice after slice after slice (I ordered whole cheese and iced tea for myself and half-beef to go for my sis), I started to notice that the couple in their mid to late twenties who were seated at a table on my left were actually arguing. I swear I didn’t notice earlier that they were. Teaches me to be more observant and not to be too self-absorbed next time. But maybe they both enjoyed the pretentious peace of a “Cold War” before going for a full assault (in the girl’s case prolly as her mouth was like a machine gun. The poor guy was just sitting there enduring and crossing his fingers for her to end soon). Hahaha

Grrrr. So not good to hear anyone arguing especially today. Nuh-uh. Today’s way too important. As the last slice went poof with no tomato slices and hot chili sauce spared,Β  I smiled. Happy 2nd monthsary, dude!


27 thoughts on “Whole Cheese and Half Beef

  1. what can i say, happy 2nd monthsary to you and ur “dude” mau! =) hope ul reach ur 60th (can you believe it?!? we’re almost there..ugh!)

  2. hehehe…dugaya na gud diay ninyo, te carms..pareha nila jez ug francis..hahaha
    aw, tan-awn lang ni nato..if meant to be mi, aw, meant to be jud.. πŸ˜€

  3. Only 60?…. I am thinking more like 80. πŸ˜›
    grrr I lost the bet hehe. Hope your having a good day, Mauie. Akia misses you…. πŸ˜€ hehe

  4. Lol..that’s coz i’m good at betting..wanna bet again? πŸ˜‰ hehe
    I didn’t know Akia misses me..been a while, isn’t it..?
    And, Dude, yup..having a really good day..thanks to my winning the bet…lol j/k πŸ˜€

  5. lol..that a hint..? hahahaha
    maybe after you & kuya junrex…and prolly after jez & francis, too…and chen & whomever (maybe her new textmate..bwahahaha)…:D

  6. 79’s a good number, don’t you think? hahahaha
    *crossing my fingers na the bf would be able to endure my annoyingness*..hehehe

  7. well, u date for 24 months (web dating..whatever you call it)..then date for another 6months – in person (one of you should be where the other one is..obviously)..then settle within the next 6 months..sorry, these are no longer hints..hahahahaha…PA.DUNGOG2 na ni mau..u explain to him what that means..lisod nah! hahahaha…

  8. Okay, so that’s how it works :P. Though I might have to change it around just a bit, or the element of surprise will be lost…. hehehe.

  9. hahahaha…don’t be surprised when one of these days i’m gonna push junrex down the drain if he doesn’t put that rock on your finger soon…lol

  10. hahaha..buot2 na kaayo ka, te carms, ha..hmmph! hehehe sige lang..makabawos ra ko…naa sad nya ko i-propose ni junrex..huwata lang…:P

  11. hahahaha..well, i dont have a blog that you can bombard with “hints” mau..cge na lang gud..i like his reaction to things…well, i think i like him for you..hahahaha..ka-mubo ug kalipay..madala ra d i ko sa web “words”..hahahaha..i change my mind, i have to meet him to say my piece..not that it would matter..bsta mostorya lang gud ko…*wink*..so i think it will also be a good idea to re-arrange the sequence of my “proposal”..we can have the meet-and-greet earlier d bah? hehehe..

  12. Will respond to those last few responses from you two when I learn what they mean. hahaha. Your definitely doing it on purpose, and I would too. haha.

  13. Dude,
    we didn’t do it on purpose..really..hahaha
    it’s natural for cebuanos to speak bisaya whenever they can.. πŸ˜€

    hi! thanks for dropping by..we miss you..:D

  14. thanks, jul! πŸ˜€
    Dude and I are taking this one day at a time but we’re also looking forward to the future. char! hahaha

  15. dears: let’s not put the pressure on the virtual guy… hahahah! mau, introduce me with the DUDE, eh? hahaha! this is more fun than chatting – i forgot i need to do some impt stuff in the office… hahaha! LAZY!!!!

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