Going Green

For now and for the next few days maybe. πŸ˜‰
By the way, took some of these pics during the monthly general assembly (what a day to be out of the office).


Hon. Nestor D. Archival Sr.’s 7000 square meterΒ  property in Talamban, Cebu City is a sight to behold. Made from 90% recycled materials – from tables to chairs to lamps including used water – it holds interests for a mere observer or even a scientist. Also vying for the viewer’s attention are the colorful murals.

coco lamp
Beautifully native. Lampshade with base made from hard coconut shells.
coke lamp
Ingenious. Another lampshade but with base made from recycled coke cans.
egg lampshade
Not for breakfast. Artsy egg lampshade.
colored painting
I love colors. Framed painting on the second floor of the two-storey house.
supah skylight
Sunshiny day. Saving electricity in style with a decorated skylight.
Lux Comfort. Colored bottoms from recycled green bottles give this bathroom spunk. (Nah. I’m sure you wouldn’t have guessed this is a bathroom if I didn’t tell you. Haha.)
I love noodles. Improvised chandelier made from green glass bottles and Nissin Cup Noodle cups.
Of bricks and squares. What better way to optimize air conditioning than to open the walls as squares in various sizes (with screens, of course).
Bibliotheque. No bibliophile like me can resist the lure of this mini library. Hmm. My room needs a makeover. Haha

FYI: This Cebu City councilor from the North District is a known environmentalist and an advocate of “green projects” like vermi-composting. Know more about him and his advocacy: http://www.houseclosetonature.com.


The Administrative Bldg. for the South Road Properties definitely has some magic to it if you just know where to look.

solitary lamp
parallel lamps

Of course, tyrannical being that I am, I “influenced” (grrr…okay, coerced it is..:P) the team to don shirts with my design. Hahaha
mmts go green shirt design

*** The photos were taken on September 30, 2008 using Jez’s Nokia N95 mobile with minor tweaking done in Adobe Photoshop CS2. All images are this blogger’s property and may not be reproduced in part or in full in any manner unless express permission is obtained.

my monogram


23 thoughts on “Going Green

  1. hehe..well, at least a new and different environment can help change your perspective about things.. πŸ˜€
    we miss you though..hehehe
    and stay tuned to my blog..will be blogging more about cebu so that you stay updated.. πŸ˜‰

  2. haha..thanks, te carms! i’m saving for a good camera lagi..point-and-shoot lang sa siguro..later nalang ng DSLR.. πŸ˜€

  3. MMT’s go green..??? hmmm.. that’s really a different perspective!! wahihihihi… being green can mean a lot of different things… mine is totally weird.. ahahahaha.. i love green!

  4. okis.. tunga ta pie.. which part of the camera u wana pledge? ok ra ako sa lens ug flash.. wahihihihi.. kaw nlang nya, bahala assemble mau ha… hikhik..

  5. hahahahaha..kaubo ko! ugh! Can’t even buy ME an ordinary cam, DSLR pa kaya!=) Oh, by the way, Sony T300 d i ako wish..hapit na ako bday! hehehe..

    Mau, Julie’s all green lately – corruptly GREEN, GREEN-eyed monster, etc (couldnt think na of unsa pa..hahaha)

  6. lol…jul need not worry…was on stake out last night and didn’t find anything suspicious..will blog on that later this pm..still got stuff to do man gud..hehe

    ate carms, kanang magtagsa-tagsa nalang ta palit sa atong mga gusto woi…mahal-mahal man pud au ka ug gikinahanglan…hahaha
    but actually, nakathink na ko what ihatag namo nimo..consult lang sa nako sila..hehe

  7. i wish i hav d guts to tell her… ahahahhaha… this thing is so immaterial and irrelevant to my pursuit to having a better future…. wahahahahhahikhikhik… still wishing to have one.

  8. tell her you need that for your sanity’s sake..haha
    and maybe you can ask her to buy you a camera (then you give it to me after..haha)

    i’ll forever be grateful jud to your aunt.. πŸ˜€

  9. we are all artists… daghan kaya tag kaartehan sa world… so, we are all indeed artists..nyahahahahha…ala lng jd ika sulti..wahikhikhik

  10. Greeting’s from Adventure Isla De Pilipinas Co. We would like to thank you Hon. Nestor D. Archival Sr.’s for letting us visit and see for your ECO HOUSE……Its been a nice place for us to see it………

    Its amazing to see your efforts on it…………

    Best wishes and regards

    • Hello! Thanks for dropping by on my blog. πŸ™‚

      Anyways, the former Cebu City Councilor Hon. Nestor D. Archival, Sr., is always accommodating of his home and time. The members of the Mayor’s Management Team (well, previously when we were still in existence..circumstances have changed..hehe) got to visit his house in Talamban and we had so much fun, too. It was a very education and revealing experience. To see something so wonderful built on recycled stuff – simply amazing.

      And at another occasion, Sir Nestor was also our speaker when we had a general assembly about caring for the earth. He is just so generous of his knowledge. It’s one thing to learn about a person’s passion but another to see someone who lives by and for his advocacy. Truly someone worth emulating for his dedication.

      Well, thanks again for dropping by and commenting. I visited your site also. πŸ™‚

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