Fun at P40

The gods of irreverence got hold of me last Friday despite my not having a mobile and made me the subject of an experiment that this quirky guinea pig just can’t resist.

How to have fun armed with only P40 which also happens to be your fare home tonight if the night ends early or tomorrow morning if you spend the night at your cousin Chen’s place?

The gameplan? Smile often and contribute much to the convo and make them laugh really hard to the point that they won’t notice you didn’t put in anything when the bill finally arrived. Hahaha Time to put the “eat and run” theory to a test. πŸ˜›

what we had at Pier One IT Park

After basking in my friends’ generosity, I can say that food was great at Pier One at The Walk in IT Park (as evidenced by the number of stuff we had) and so was the San Mig Light at The Beat in Mango Ave. Belated happy birthday, Jez! Kampai! πŸ˜‰

Oh, yeah. The experiment was quite successful and this guinea pig’s grinning for getting out of it alive. πŸ˜€


47 thoughts on “Fun at P40

  1. know i don’t dance..2 left feet, di bah..? hahaha
    i’d be sure to make an arse of myself if i joined them dancing..hehehe
    and i say the same thing to should have stayed with them til 3:30 pud unta.. πŸ˜›

  2. for sure nibirit pud ka didto..hehe
    pero maayo nuon nga nalingaw ka with your friends..nag-reunion man pud mi college friends nako pag sunday..bunyag sa anak sa akong amiga..morning til pm gyod mi nagkakuyog..nagselos gud sa oras si Dude..(secretly happy pud ko kay lisod au paseloson..moingon ra nga “okay”..grrrr) hahahahaha

  3. lol..try as i might to make him jealous, he never does..hahaha
    hmm…makes me wonder if…………………………

  4. well, a person who never gets jealous (as in never) is not normal, i would say. im sure there are situations or instances na maselos jud ka oi! bitayon nko ang taw na moingon dili jud cya magselos kay he/she trusts or is secure with the partner! that’s so..bookish!

  5. maybe i’m just crazy for wanting Dude to show a bit of jealousy sometimes..i know it’s weird of me for wanting that to happen when i should be thanking that he never shows any jealousy…:D

  6. hahaha..mura magsugod na kog ka-nosebleed ninyo..hehehe
    yeah, isn’t it weird that for a small word of only 4 letters it has so many definitions…sikat! πŸ˜€ hehehe

  7. ahahhahaha…. LOVE comes with lots of surprises.. it can come just out of nowhere u don’t have to chase after it… (ayay, na igo bako?)

  8. well, i agree about that stuff regarding not chasing after’s true…i was just playing a mafia game and LOVE found me…too bad he hit me online the first time we got to know each other…hahahaha

    i’ll consider your suggestion, te carms…maybe one of these days (or πŸ˜€

  9. Here’s this one: I sneaked to comment on this.. m still on the mood of trying to recover the trauma of having to write four (4) well-written paragraph for a comment only to realize that there is a missing field that i should have filled out and as i pressed the BACK Button, all is left but my message!!! Grrr….

    well, m a bit of late with the comments so, i’ll try to digest on some and nibble and dabble and spit some… (gross!LOL) Mind you, m sneaking here doing this just to keep my sanity with the piles of issues and papers on my desk… hahaha

    hmmm… let’s see: matters like:
    a. THE NON-JEALOUS GUY: That is a choice.. some people dont really show it but they still do. In an isolated case of MAU, who is contented with her CYBER-VIRTUAL-LOVE (who never get the chance to see the MOVING and On-Cam LOVE) maau unta makabasa siya ani… hahahah!, I still think that there isn’t so much for him to get jealous even if MAU is out for an entire day. I mean, how many hours pa man silang nag-uyab, di ba? hahaha! Bitaw, some people might react in a way that u interpret their emoticons and replies as you got him jealous or not. (unless you’re a mind reader – telepathy ba na?) Basin, the loverboy thinks it is not appropriate naman for the bangayan situation over something noh? Lahi man sila ug culture – unlike sa atong telenovelas nga super hilas ang away-away over trivial things even wala pay official relationship… Also, maybe mature lang jud ang ilang relationship now….. AHAHAHAAH

    b. Having FUN at 40: Not everybody can pull that off, really… heheheh

    c. ON LOVE: I believe there are phases of love that people need to go through so you will finally say that it is what you think it is. (according to the messy analysis):
    a. BUTTERFLIES in the stomach (others claim to have COCKROACHES and the need to puke) – that is when you feel you’re gonna freak out of the anticipation of seeing him and the actual sight of him. (For Mau, at the ONLINE status of a NEVER-BEEN-SEEN loverboy)
    b. FLAWS and ALL – that phase is when you can finally accept that a ZIT on his face is coz of his thinking about you. (Then, you’ll say there will also be times that you’ll have your ZIT-moment, hoping he’ll feel the same about you and be thrilled rather than focusing on it while you’re nibbling each others’ ears (ironic kaayo!)
    c. LET GO BUT CAN’T – cliche! nobody is perfect then when things really get out of hand – you want to let go and then, you give it a try. You go out with someone you’re not really wild about to give it a shot but realize, “Gosh, this guy’s nonsense..” Maayo pa to si Blah…Blah…
    d. FORGIVE NO MATTER – then, whoever makes the first move, you get together again and realize that you’ve missed a lot of what’s happening with him (hmm… is that a new haircut.. or shirt… or no haircut at all) But, all these can be flattering… Some are really positive in his own right and you can be biased that things change and you miss that point of change… Then, you say, let’s try again…
    e. THE RETURN OF THE COMEBACK – then, when things are so rosy, you realize there are some real UGLY spots that you can add on the list everytime you’re together. (why not? we even fight with our broods even if we are raised together)…

    So, it all boils down into saying that LOVE is a CHOICE…. it is you to choose how you react on these moments and how you remedy the situation at its worst… If you’ve chosen to be UNSEEN while you’re really talking, that’s yours to live with… If you’ve chosen to go back to the person who habitually hurts you in the same way, that’s yours to keep. If you’ve chosen to remember the hurt but still want to stay together (but never without the angst everytime same things happen over and over again), then, be nagger… But what’s important is that it is YOU who chose it and at the end, you can tell yourself – “AT LEAST I TRIED”… hahhaha

    i should do my own page on the blog….. hahahah!

  10. wheew! that was not just a comment at all entry na kaya to..hehehe..but amen to the conclusion: LOVE is a CHOICE! hehehe =)

  11. Well for me… love is something u can’t debate. We may have different definitions or interpretations about it. But truly, you cannot fathom it. I always believe, the HEART has it’s own language the MIND cannot seem understand. πŸ™‚

  12. thanks for the input, guys..really appreciate it..especially to nanay who made that blog-like comment..hehe
    bitaw, like i said somewhere in this blog, Dude and I are taking this one day at a time but of course, looking forward for the future.. πŸ˜‰

  13. I think, this ain’t a blog anymore… don’t u think this is already a forum… wahihihii… OT’s should be prohibited..nyahahahah…

  14. nanay…andar na sad ka ha! That was not meant to insult u n any way oi..saya! Pra naa nsad ta lain reactan bah..Yaw ana gud, xmas na bya hapit..=)

  15. yaw gud ana nay… lingaw2x rmani… ala lng lingaw sa opis… comment2x lng gud japon tah… lingaw gali au ko nag basa2x… kung buot huna hunaon ang ako comments ray mga irrelevant au sa topic… not to mention te carms..ehehhehe…

  16. This is one busy blog. Have to check it more often hehe. Looks like all of you are just chatting away. If only I could understand it all. Good thing I have a good translator hehe.

  17. ey mau! i noticed, nwala lagi ang mga previous comments sa imo “dude” on this entry?

    Don’t worry ken (i hope u dont mind me calling you ken..or would you rather let me call you in a different name?just let me know..*wink*), we were not making “chismis” (let mauie translate this again for you) about u..hehehe..

    merry christmas everyone! =)

  18. Kenny is much better… hehe. Well mauie isnt around right now, so I looked it up πŸ˜›

    merry christmas to everyone also. Though its still early to be thinking about that(well, here it is to early) haha. mauie is really looking forward to this christmas. just let me know when it snows(thats how I know when christmas is close)… haha.

  19. te carms,

    i think kenny’s replies were on the “whole cheese..” entry..and i don’t delete anyone’s comments unless they’re spam..but i got Akismet to take care of that so no worries πŸ˜€

  20. was very happy with the 2-day white and snowy christmas i had in Holland last year (luv throwing snow balls..hahaha)..
    but i am certainly game for a very very happy Pinoy Christmas..with friends and family this time πŸ˜‰

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