For the love of Chippy

If the government suddenly decides to become weirder than ever and demands that a hole be drilled through my heart as part of the long list of stupid projects they’re doing for the year, they won’t find anything inside me. If I were to become a manhole, I’d be the shallowest manhole ever. Kinda reflects the kind of person I am. You don’t have dig deep to get through me. I live for the simple joys like Chippy – crunchy, yummy and really cheap.

Woe to Julie who can’t share this happy Tuesday moment with me, Jez and Chen. πŸ˜›luv chippy


13 thoughts on “For the love of Chippy

  1. but you will never be truly happy without all apect gaw…especially if it’s the BIGgest aspect that’s not there…ahihihi..i would say, id rather not have the “pizza” if i have the chippy with the “momy”..ouch! (peace gaw!)

  2. well.. wat else can i do but be happy with the limits of life… u get to have sharper instincts when ur out on your own… keep explorin!!!

  3. well, you got that right about one becoming more independent if he’s already on his own..but i can’t help thinking that part of you is saying that coz you miss us..hehe
    and of course, you want us to grow up, too..i’m right, noh? hehehe πŸ˜›

  4. hahahahaha..already got a title for this message thread – it started with a CHIPPY! bwahahahaha..nonsense na jud kaau..ambot na lang!

  5. ay, usbon nalang kaha nako ang title sa blog……….hmm…whatcha think? hehehe

    and yeah, jul, we know that..just that sometimes it’s hard to grow up when you’d rather stay as a

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