Just Before the Day Ends

Waiting for the effect of the meds to kick in. Head and eyes hurting real bad.

Counting the hours til we eat lechon at the fiesta. Thanks for the invite, Chen! πŸ˜€

Reading Breakup Diaries by Maya O. Calica for the nth time that the book’s almost losing its pages. I fell in love with Beach, what can I say? Sweet boy. πŸ˜›

“Listen, Beach,” I bravely ventured. “You don’t have to hide anything from me. We all make mistakes. Shit happens.
He lowered his eyes. I tried not to be distracted by how his thick, straight lashes cast little spiky shadows on his cheeks. Or how his lips reminded me of how sweet they tasted when I kissed him that night. Hey, if he was here to apologize, to tell me it was all a mistake, I wanted to beat him to it and tell him first.

Perusing through Boy George’s profile. Blame it on the book why I suddenly felt the need to get to know something about him. Luvin’ two songs from Culture Club already – I’ll Tumble 4 Ya and Do you really want to hurt me?

Give me time
To realize my crime
Let me love and steal
I have danced inside your eyes
How can I be real
Do you really want to hurt me
Do you really want to make me cry

Said good night to Dude.


Flexed the doodling fingers a bit. They look more like squiggles than doodles..hahaha
random doodle


31 thoughts on “Just Before the Day Ends

  1. churi te carms kay g anticipate na naku na dli japun ka mukuyog…hehehehehe…peace! and for kenny, as if u can come?hehehehehehe….maybe next fiesta – 2012?!

  2. funny, chen! πŸ˜›
    next year na lang after our house gets fixed..besides, my family never prepares for the fiesta..we would rather go to our relatives’ houses..hahaha
    and my neighbors already asked me to go on a drinking session with them on wednesday night after dinner..and i can’t turn them down..they’ve been asking for a long time already..they’re rather curious as to how i look when i’m drunk..haha πŸ˜‰

    hmm…shouldn’t we celebrate Carms’s engagement…? *wink*
    congratulations, by the way! i’m so happy for you and Junrex, te carms! let us know how we can help you with your preparations..:D
    grrrr…nakilig jud ko..like the last time someone from our circle of friends announced that she’s getting married sad………….:whi: hehehe

  3. i know chen..hehehe =) i was not available last friday mn sad jud..Junrex and I had dinner sa marco polo. Nice au! And mau, I told Junrex na if you were there pa unta, cge unta ka pamicture! It was Octoberfest sad so there was a mini parade of germans sa dining area. Hmmm..naa ra ba unta cute..hehehe..But you still owe me chen, invite me next time..*wink*

    thank you so much mau! Im still overwhelmed right now..not of excitement but more of fear..hehehe..i begged off from planning the details until after my bday gud. I promise to keep u posted guys and thanks for volunteering mau. I need as much help jud – financially!! *sigh* hahahahaha..ey, mau! puslan man, can i make a request? can you design an invitation na prang storybook ang theme? not childish but more of a fairytale sort of thing? abusuhon na lang nako imo talent..hehehe..pleeeaassssseeee..*wink*

  4. hahahaha…ikaw si prince charming, te carms? lol hehehe

    sige, let’s explore the idea..i like it.. πŸ˜€
    hmm…you don’t need it as soon as possible man noh..? hehehe

    if i were there on your date, murag makasamok ra ko ninyo ni junrex..but would have enjoyed the opportunity unta of taking lots of pics..asa naman ng camera woi..? hehehe

  5. congrats te carms! i’m so happy for u… when kaha ako noh? naa naman ta to… wala lng nagkasinabot…heheheheh…btw…dont worry promise next year i’ll invite u na jud sa fiesta….just make sure makaadto kaha…with junrex. and for ur wedding preparations – i’ll volunteer myself too…ayaw lng financially ha…maski tig cut lng ko ur invitation hahahahah…assist lng ko mauie…toinks!

  6. i would appreciate if you have the initial design after my bday? *wink* and oh, by the way, you can play around these two colors: burnt orange (or coral orange) and chocolate brown. Initially, that’s what i want for the color motiff. But since Junrex and I haven’t discussed any details yet, wala pa nay concurrence nya…hehehe..but cge na lang..hahahaha..

  7. hehehe..thanks chen! I know i can always count on you guys. I’m touched jud. Thank you, thank you! =)

    By the way mau, just inform me if i should have an invitation good for 2 pra nimo ha? *wink*

    gaw, ikaw nya bangka sa celebration ha? Thanks gaw! hehehe..=)

  8. te carms,
    after your bday could mean forever after it baya..no specific deadline jud..? hehehe
    sige, i’ll try after i’m done with christine’s friend’s..hehehe

    interesting colors, btw…even smells like the vanilla cologne you had once (lol…i got new powers now..smelling colors..haha)

    well, since wala pa specific na date, plenty of time for Kenny to be here..
    then i’ll act surprised as if wala ko kabalo na moanhi siya..hahaha ..(really heavy hint here..hehe) *wink*

  9. Congrats pie!!!! kinsa imo g mean nga bangka sa celeb? apila ko hap.. wahihihihi… ako, minyo guro ko after 48 years… wahihihihi… unya, ako na ang mo propose…wahikhik…

  10. I’ll propose when im totally sure of the person i’m gonna live for the rest of my life with… charotzzz… wahihihihi… bangka lng ko inom pie…wahikhik

  11. hahahahahaha..fine gaw!

    by the way, although we dont have a specific date yet, we would probably have it when my sisters (and their family) could come home for the occassion. So, summer sa US na. So Kenny, please note that you’re invited! *wink*

  12. Went from 2012… to next year… to this wednesday. hehe

    I know all of you are just waiting to ask me question after question… =P

    “really heavy hint” hehe…i wonder who thats for. *grins*

    ken dude is my name now? haha. glad that I’m invited to such a special day. would surely be less questions for me, since everyone else will be so busy hehehe.

    you girls change languages mid sentence, its so hard to keep up haha.

  13. “So, summer sa US na. So Kenny, please note that you’re invited! *wink*”

    hehe it is noted, and mauie will make sure i keep it noted… and even add more notes to it like when it is and other things for it hehe.

  14. waheheh…congrats ate carms..wish ko lng ma.engage nasad ko..hehehe but i still want to remain single although not available..hahaha

    so te carms, who is in-charge sa bridal shower? pwede c mauie lng wahaha…

    kennnyyyyy i think u shud come over, i bet u dnt want to miss the fun on my wedding oopppsss i mean ate carms’ wedding..heheh

  15. Thanks Jez! 2010 is a very good year for you and Francis..hehehe..yeah, who would be so daring..este darling enough to arrange for my bridal shower? =) lain sad kaau ug ako! hehehe..

    “ken dude is my name now? haha. glad that I’m invited to such a special day. would surely be less questions for me, since everyone else will be so busy hehehe.” – that’s what you think..You’ll be surprised on how very good we are at multi-tasking kenny..hehehe..

  16. bridal shower??? i can arrange that for you te carms… which place? ur call…. all u have to do is wear a bridal gown while taking a shower… sounds really fun right? wahikhikhik…

  17. corny πŸ˜›
    think of better jokes next time, gaw…hahahaha

    basta, te carms, invite lang akong ambag..ang pag-design sa invite diay, i mean πŸ˜›

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