HK+China+Macau – Part 1

Should have posted this a long time ago but never had the opportunity til now (my actual notes were soggy after being drenched in my cologne in the endless pit I call bag) *wink*

03.20.08 Thursday

5:26pm – sorted out mcdo meals

waiting for Julie + chen

met Auntie Lotlot + Uncle Beez

received Jul’s text: “Mau, padung nami,”

7:00 – 8:00pm – checked in at Cebu Pacific

FUNNY incident: girl at check-in counter made the mistake of calling ate carms as “CARMILLA” instead of “CARMELA” and Julie’s family name as “ACCA” instead of “ACHA”…hahaha <insert very loud evil laugh here>

ate dinner (mcdo meal: 1 pc chicken meal w/coke)

CARMILLA and ACCA took pictures

8:45 – boarding Cebu Pacific Flight 5J238

8:50 – on my seat (row 7B) + fastened my seatbelt

Seated in between Te Carms and Jez

Julie and Chen seated on our right

9:10 – plane taxiing

– JEZ: “Mau, iliko ang suga nimo.”

She meant for me to turn on the reading light (she didn’t know that each seat is provided with its own light) *wink* – Jez was being her usual comic self..hehe

9:45pm – reading SMILE Feb-March 08 (Cebu Pacific’s in-flight magazine)

FAVE LINE: “Alone we can’t change the world,” Mann says, “but together we can make a difference, one stranger, one smile, one hug at a time.”

Article: HUGGING THE WORLD by Agnes Prieto, page 23

Read an article on Cebu (page 71, city guide)

highlighted history (Magellan’s Cross), lechon and pusô, the beach, guitars, Sinulog, and a pic featuring Shangri-La Mactan

Nagging question: “Nothing else? Can Cebu never be famous for anything new?”

MENTAL NOTE: will find that something when I get back

NOTE TO CRE: what else can Cebu be famous for? “Renew Cebu”/whatever


NOTES ON A GYPSY SUMMER (Cebu) by Agnes Prieto, p. 18

… “The balance between the excitement of the city and the exhilaration from nature is something the Queen has so far been able to swing. For as long as this delicate balance remains, Cebu will reign…”


Cebu Pacific does NOT offer free snacks!!!

Dollars pa jud ang worth sa baligya…yati ra! Hehehe

For cheap fares, sige na lang…hehehe

10:01pm – off to sleep

10:12 – Fun Activity: in-flight game (trivia)

– won a red shoe bag courtesy of Sun Cellular (first one to raise hand + give the correct answer)

QUESTION: which telecom company offers the first 24/7 unlimited text/call

10:20 – finished answering survey form

10:22 – back to sleep with noisy kid at the background..grr..

11:24 – woke up

11:26 – fasten seatbelt sign on

11:31 – VOICE OVER: “Cabin crew, prepare for arrival.”

CARMS: “For arrival” diay na? Dili diay na “for landing”?

11:36 – descent rather turbulent (shake, shake, shake)

UYOG TO THE MAX!!! hehehe

11:45 – somebody at row 6 sneezed and we immediately covered our noses and mouths…OA!!! hehehe

11:48 – plane at complete stop

11:51 – went out of plane

3 stewardesses/airport crew greeted us with a placard BAGGAGE CLAIM in Chinese characters

11:56 – lined for HK Immigration Check for visitors

EYOS! (that word again) – made famous as Jez’s exclamation of surprise

* immigration first before baggage hall

These are entries from the notes I took on a short holiday to HK, China and Macau with Carms, Jez, Chen and Julie from March 20-28, 2008. My actual notes are way worse. A friend even said I could become a doctor through my handwriting alone. But it was fun navigating in a foreign country while jotting down stuff. Must have been a journalist in my past life. *wink* Mucho thanks to Naynay Wilmz, Tatay Richard, Christelle and Wayne for everything. 😀


59 thoughts on “HK+China+Macau – Part 1

  1. hahaha
    working on it..too bad though..some entries in my notebook got drenched with my cologne..and i had them written with a purple pen..nabasa man ang lower part sa notebook gud..di na nuon maklaro ang text..grrr..hehe

    sige lang..might be done this week..hehe

  2. This is great!!! Napa-recall ko sa mga panghitabo..hehehe..lingaw au sah?! It was the best laag with you guys ever..Hope we could still travel out-of-the-country together very soon! *wink*

    Have not read something about our photo op session with our newly-done hair mau..hehehe..kalingaw ato oi!

    Will check for updates on this blog mau! =)

  3. ei, te carms..please check out the rest of the parts of this entry..kumpleto naman…didn’t have much entries during the Disneyland tired writing then and would rathe want to enjoy…hahaha

    but i’ll select nice pics then upload them here.. 😀

  4. ako pud.. kahinumdum jd ko sa ato best laag ever!!! pinka gnhan nko sa tnan rides kato jd space mountain.. d rest was very terrible for me… wahikhik… kato pd diay ato panghitabo sa Lady’s Market.. kalingaw jd ato oi….. nga g syagitan mi ni te carms kay ala mi ming dayun ug palit.. nyahahahha.. “hOW much Money?!… waaaaaaaaaa

  5. hahaha..dko kalimot sa akng experience sa airplane ani..hmmm, next destination will be Malaysia?, uve been there naman Thailand lng ta 😀

  6. nah, if u only know jez… if nabaho-an ka ngad2 sa china.. samot jd sa thailand… wahikhikhik… asta pd sa Malaysia.. naa jd sila kaugalingon baho nga dli nato masabtan…ahahahah.. mo pilit pa raba hangtod mauli nka diri sa pinas…wahikhik

  7. uy, tiguman nato ninyo.. cruise ship ato sakyan.. ang route kay thailand, malaysia, singapore… star cruise… watcha think???

  8. chige2x ta…heheh…myta mbuhat ta na before maminyo c ate carms..waheheh…
    hmmmm…dapat dako jd na pocket money dal.on ky il buy another pair of boots..hahah…

  9. na sad 😛

    sige, nice na nga idea…kailangan mangwarta jud ta’g maayo kay pirti kayhang mahala anang cruise..mas barato pa siguro ug travel na lang ta sa kanang 3 ka countries then kita magbuot asa ta laag nig abot nato didto..hehehe

    but i think maminyo na siguro si te carms di pa ta kalarga…hahaha

  10. well.. going out on our way to these 3 countries is much cheaper than through a cruise ship. but being on this fabulous ship is a different experience pd.. wahihihihi.. i’v always wish to travel in a cruise ship…ahahahha.. kuwang nlang dli matug kay adtuon tnan lugar sa barko, unya mag night life pd.. ahahaha.. pordoy pd labas nimo..

  11. hahaha…got no problem going on a cruise ship..for sure it will be worth the experience..kaso lang, medyo (what an understatement..hehe) mahal lang jud..unless we can raise more than 50k each, puwede siguro..pero nus-a pa man pud na..? hehehe

    nya, gaw, adto pud ta Egypt ninyo…dream ra ba jud nako in..hehe
    naa man ko friend didto..and he lives in Cairo..maybe he can tour us if he won’t be busy then…medical intern man..hehe 😀

  12. yeah… me too.. bsan damgo ala jd ko nka ad2 sa Egypt.. I’m very interested bout that place jd… EGYPT: “Where Ancient Civilization Begins”…. mysterious jd au.. ehehehhee… chige mau… ala ta kahibaw diba… in any circumstance, mka ad2 rajd tah… these are the places i wud die explorin..
    AFRICA: Egypt
    N AMERICA: NY, ug Florida
    S AMERICA: Carribean
    EUROPE: Vatican City
    ASIA: Singapore/Thailand/Malaysia

    how i wish before ko matay, ma visit jd ko ning mga lugara..ehhehe.. haaaay… kalami mangarap ng gising!!!ehehhe

  13. scared mn pd ta mosakay ug cruise ship oi ky bsin mapareha sa TITANIC..dli ko kbw mo.swim2x..hahah

    gnahan ko motravel na kuyg ako special someone oi..inig ka minyo lng nko ta mgcruise..hahah

  14. sige gaw, kuyugan tikaw sa egypt ug new york..would love to see central park..hehe
    then siyempre, hapit ta kadyot sa michigan…hehehe

    backpacking across europe dayon ta..barato ra man na..suma bitaw, mga 6k ra man gasto namo ato (individually) pag-adto namo paris..then if hop-hop ta from one country to the next, it wouldn’t cost so much man sad..basta, try lang nato adto germany..naa man akong cousin didto..sayang kay wala ko nakaadto last year..hehe
    then convenient man sa europe kay di na kailangan lain2 visa gamiton for european union member countries.. 😀

    then tanan nalang pud countries sa south america..maski simhot lang gud..hehe
    i would like to go to easter island..i think sa may east sa chile.. 🙂

    kung asia hisgutan, aw, tanan nalang pud..alegre man, di bah..? hehehe

    sige, hangtod wala pa’y 5, mangarap lang sa ta..hahahaha

  15. wahahahahah… kato pd dapit sa Canada mau.. kana galing Niagra falls… gi ahak nlang jd… very spectacular jd na nga falls… weeeeeeeee… nindota pd sa imo gpang ingun mau oi, country hopping… if dli ko maminyo, mao nlang na akoang himuon nga hobby… weeeeeeee… unya, sa US pd diay mau, mag cross country travel tah… from East Coast to West Coast.. kalamia ah….

  16. hahaha..ka-lonely pud sa imong life gaw if di ka maminyo..hehe
    aw, pila’y pad adto nimo ma-meet imong love of your life sa gawas, why not? hehe
    sige gaw if madato ta tanan nya wala nalang jud ta’y lingaw kay maningkamot ta’g suroy2 around the world 😛

  17. ahahahhaha… dli man pd tanan unmarried kay sad nalng jd ang life… in fact, mas enjoy sila sa ilang singlehood… kung unsa dagan sa ako life, maoh rapud ako dawaton… ehehehhe… tagsa rta mabuhi aning kalibutana.. we have to exploit(positively ha..eheheh) it as much as we can… oh i almost forgot, i wud also love to travel to the land down under… weeeeeeeeee…

  18. hahaha
    ganahan gani ko migrate didto..if madawat, why not? hehehe

    aw, kung saan ka masaya, gaw, suportahan lang ka namo..hehehe

  19. asa nman ubang taw oi…. bc jd guro sila noh… kita rman duha nag tikaw2x gud diri… before ta mo travel around d world, let’s jst consider muna places within our reach… btw, wer planning to visit Vigan maybe before d year ends or early nxt year… saman?ehehehhe… ru up for another adventure?

  20. lol..i’m always up for another adventure…question is, afford ko bah…? hahaha
    i’m getting a new pc kay ni-overheat ang pc nako…grrrrrrr..hehe
    then remaining money nako kay igahin man nako for a digicam basin pass lang sa ko..hehe

  21. we also plan of visiting Cambodia to see Ankor Wat. wahihih…. paibog pa kuno.. mura jd naa sa plano… but wud also luv to visit this place.. by d way, Ankor Wat is one of Asia’s man-made wonders… weeeeeeeee..

  22. shucks..i luv that place..did a research on Cambodia pag 2nd year highschool and darn..i fell in luv with Angkor Wat..well, the rest of the research was pretty good, too…hahaha

    gaw, ikuyog ko if adto mo Cambodia beh..maski sa dan lang ko higda or ako tigbitbit sa bag ninyo, way blema..ako photographer ninyo, wa jud kaso..sige na ha..hehehe

  23. and also d Golden Pagoda Shwe Dagon in Myanmar(i think), formerly known as Burma… i became an adict to these asian man-made wonders wen i was 2nd yr highschool…. ehehhehe.. Social Studies man gud unya focus sa Asia.. weeeeeee… chige mau, i can arrange things for u.. bsta lng, imo ang plete airfare….wahikhik… ang nka nice mag kuyog2x sa ako auntie, kay malibre ato food and accomodation… ehehehhe.. maoh if naa chance, grab jd daun ang opportunity..

  24. nxt year probably, kay mka vacation leave nman kow… wahihihih… let’s jst think positively… keep dreamin.. and believe… without u knowing it, it’s jst within ur grasps.. weeeeeeeeee

  25. oi, ka-profound ug tubag..yati ra..hehehe

    ampo lang nato gud..hehe

    pero in fair, i luv asian history pud..mao pud na akong kinaon pag 2nd year high school..lingaw man, di bah..? hehe

  26. uu jud.. i luv d subject asian history coz ur not jst learnin…ma enjoy pd ka sa richness sa usa ka country… d people and their culture.. at least, dli ka ma ihas sa ilaha lugar bsan ala pka nka ad2… as a traveler, ul enjoy more if uv got a little knowlege bout d place especially d culture… wat makes ur journey memorable are not d pictures u took or merely sigh-seeing.. but wat u hav learned and discovered…naks!

  27. true! at least dili pud ka totally empty before you visit some place..hehe
    besides, going to other countries could help make you appreciate your country more, di bah..? 😀

  28. sa halagang 1 million pesos ay nabili ng banker ang brief case ni julie na may lamang……………………………..”100 million pesos”!!!!!

    ay, sayang…nyahahahahahhaha

  29. think people won’t try mugging that 1 mill..? you kidding..? daginoton man gani 20 pesos..1 milyon pa kaha..burit…hehe

  30. toinks..i don’t play MD na pud ko anang mga duwaa oi..basta kay nag-wait na lang ko when ko magka-computer bag-o..hehe

  31. hehehe..i still play there..just doing the dailies and to check out the forums, say hi to some people especially to my very witty and funny brit friend Zero a.k.a. SidVicious..hope he’s reading this..hehe he said he checks out my blog once in a while..bongga! hehehe

  32. hoi! grabe kaau! mura jud chat ning entryha dah..hehehe..:)

    Jez, makatravel ghapon ko miski minyo nko oi..pangitaonon na lang jud ang budget (what else is new?!) cruise? same fear with..awa, sa kataas aning comments kalimot nko kinsa nagstorya..bsta titanic chuva! hahahaha 😀 lets do the normal ordinary way plane, jeep, bus or feet..hehehe..let’s go to thailand, malaysia and singapore..cge nah! but nig human na lang ako wedding puhon ha? tight ang the way, set our wedding date on aug 1, 2009..:)

  33. Mauie has really put me into the addiction of posting comments into her blog. So, just thought I could create my own blog. But this time, I wana make it something different… It’s not going to be just my blog, but might as well going to be yours. I’m planning to make it a forum-like blog, where you can post whatever it is on your mind regarding a certain topic.. Isn’t it kewl.. .ehehhehe… If u find some time, pls check it out…

  34. unsay august 8, 2008 nga nilabay naman intawon nah? hehehe
    as in churches are heavily booked as that..? that you just can’t get married anytime you like? grrrr…hahahahaha

  35. nah! good thing Kristine checked availability as early as now. Kay i was planning na after na jud lagi ko sa ako bday molihok ana. 2 days gud ko nagpanic ug kalit kay hsta reception dili pud available ang amo naha..hehehe..anyway, settled nah..details after my bday..*wink*

  36. good to hear that… hmmmm… uy, nig uli nko ha.. get together tah… or, naa rapud ninyo if makigkita pamo naku..huhuhuuh

  37. Hala! Nagdrama na sad! Basta bah ikaw mobangka, wa jud nah blema gaw! How about you kenny? You may want to join us. Julie’s coming home next Friday. Let’s go videoke! 😀

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