HK+China+Macau – Part 2

03.21.08 Friday

12:05am – finished dealing with immigration (to remain in HK for 14 days – as visitors) and into baggage claim hall

12:09 – carms + jez got their bags

12:11 – Julie did

12:14 – Chen did

12:15 – was the last one to get my stuff

12:45 – went b onkers looking for a phone booth that works

Carms had her 10HKD changed to coins

able to contact but wrong number

bumming around the benches

Jez + Chen took pictures

1:05am – so sleepy

1:24 – eating chicharon + rice (c/o Jez)

Naynay texted us: to sleep first then Tatay will pick us up

2:06 – went to sleep near Airport Express Train Tickets Stations (Customer Service Center) Arrival Hall B

4:30 – woke up to the sound of Te Carms’ and Jez’s voices


went back to sleep

5:30 – woke up but still sleepy

Jez + Carms went to the washroom to brush teeth

witnessed foreigners/locals buying train tickets at nearby airport express station or trying to call or use phone banks

5:45 – trying not to pee in my pants while anxiously waiting for Jez + Carms to return

Carms’ phone is still charging

got necessary stuff for freshening up from the luggage

Airport’s a bit colder now than it was last night

5:55 – just checking my watch if it’s still working..hehe

Carms + Jez returned just in time

6:15 – finished freshening up (15 minutes of peeing, washing the face, brushing the teeth, putting on cologne)

6:30 – have money changed: HK$100 – 50, 20, 3(10)

6:58 – boarded bus Hung Hom (A21)

HK$33 x 6 (198)

7:25 – intersection Mongkok

Cheung Sha Wan

Chinese Ferraris (red taxi lane)

7:30 – saw the back of an old green bus

7:48 – arrived at guest room

13th flr (Chung King Kowloon Deluxe Hotel)

7:51 – greeted Naynay

8:12 – prepared breakfast (cup noodles + sky flakes)

Haha..don’t even know how to use an airpot (directions are in Chinese..the wonders of trial and error..push the PINK button when all else fails *wink*)

8:40 – we opened a box of almond cake with almond chip (much like polvoron)

8:55 – dressed and ready to go

borrowed Jez’s pearl earrings

9:17 – arrived in Yoshinaya (a Japanese restaurant a few blocks away from Chung King)

bus trip to Admiralty (one stop) HK$8.50 Tsim Sha Tsui station

10:05 – out of bus to Exit B for Ocean Park

10:12 – line for Ocean Park tickets near bus area (bought entrance tickets + round trip bus tickets)

10:19 – boarded bus

10:35 – arrived at Ocean Park


RIDES/ATTRACTIONS experienced in Ocean Park:

  1. Shark Aquarium
  2. Atoll Reef
  3. Flying Swing
  4. Crazy Galleon
  5. The Abyss
  6. The Dragon
  7. Mine Train

Shark Aquarium – all about sharks (facts, live sharks)

Atoll Reef – aquarium featuring fishes (in all shapes and sizes – some even have big pouts like Angelina Jolie’s…hehehe)

Flying Swing – merry-go-round of single seat swings

Crazy Galleon – swinging ship

The Abyss – sudden drop

The Dragon – roller coaster

Mine Train – much like a roller coaster but is more open (without head protection)


around 1pm – Lunch at Lighthouse Grill (we actually just bought food but didn’t

eat there coz there wasn’t any space available)

fries, sausages and baby back ribs

NOTE: we were eating in the sidewalk near the Lighthouse Grill (since all the tables outside it are already occupied) when people passing by, mostly Chinese and some other nationalities, would stare at us thinking we may be household helps on our day-off (nyahahahaha)

1:10 – break (as insuper short break aron makaginhawa after the rides..hehe)

plotting next rides

2pm – finished eating lunch

2:10 – started lining up for the Sea Jelly Attraction

3pm – was able to see the jellyfishes (cool!)

3pm – around 7:30

  1. cable car to Ocean Park lowland; alighted
  2. rested for a bit near the entrance to cable car
  3. picture-taking with dolphin mascot
  4. photo op (entrance to Sky Fair)


  1. An-An (eating bamboo grass)
  2. Jia-Jia (sleeping)
  3. Ying-ying (sitting in a pond)
  4. Lele (eating bamboo grass)


<<possible missing page(s)>>

<<missing portion in this page>>


Shakir gave us towels + a roll of tissue paper (evening of Saturday)


03.22.08 Saturday

6:56 (Jez’s time) / 6:36 (my time) – woke up

– took a bath

7:45 – breakfast (cup noodles + skyflakes)

– asked for water from Ahmed

past 8 – out of Chung King

– Avenue of Stars via Nathan Road down East Tsim Sha Tsui subway

  1. Jet Li
  2. Jackie Chan
  3. Bruce Lee
  4. Maggie Cheung
  5. Chow Yun Fat
  6. Stephen Chow

9:45am – exit through New World Center (car display)

– walked in the Salisbury Garden

– down the Salisbury Subway towards East Tsim Sha Tsui subway exit

– walked towards mcdo in Cameron Road (trying to catch up with Naynay and the kids) but didn’t find them there

– proceeded to Tsim Sha Tsui station

10:12 – bought train tickets for Mong Kok (Tsuen Wan – 3rd stop)

    1. Jordan
    2. Yau Ma Tei
    3. Mong Kok

10:18 – arrived in Mong Kok

– exited to E2 (Nelson St., across Bank Centre)

checked out the ladies’ market in Tung Choi Street but found out it will only open at 12 noon

10:20 – walked around and found a store selling street fare

– Julie bought kiebling-like squid ball at HK$10 for 6 pieces

10:30 – walked towards Argyle Street; posed for some pics near street corner/pedestrian lane

– looked through some stuff in bazaars

– Jez bought a pair of boots

11:40 – walked back towards Nelson St.

11:46 – Café de Corale (2nd flr.)

– ordered food (looked through their menu posted on the wall)

– ordered a pumpkin and cheese baked rice dish and shared it with Te Carms

12:31 – back to Ladies’ Market

– walked along more than 50 shops (imitation bags, shoes, hats, faux jewellery, stuffed toys, curios)

– bought:

1. imitation Gucci bag for Anne

2. key chains

3. HK shirts

2:50 – finished [shopping/window shopping] in the market (with rain showers)

2:55 – walked back to train station

– bought tickets HK$5 for Tsim Sha Tsui

– exited to B2 (Cameron Road)

– raining cats + dogs

– back to room soaking wet

– reviewed plans (itinerary)

– rested for a bit; waited for rain to stop

4:15 – out of room down to elevator

– walked towards Hong Kong Museum of History via

<<missing portion in this page>>

7:30 – out of museum

walked towards bus stop

waited for bus (15 min)

8A bus (route: Hong Kong Cultural Center, Tsim Sha Tsui)

Full rate: HKD 3.50

stopped near the Space Museum

8:04 – strolling inside the Space Museum (different experiments

1. Hall of Astronomy

2. “Contraption” Hang Gliding Simulation

Goal: to find specific flying insects + avoid crashing to animals/rock face

walked towards A of S

8:35 – arrived at the Avenue of Stars

weren’t able to witness the symphony of lights

Salisbury Road subway exit to Tsim Sha Tsui station

walked towards KFC in Cameron Road (near Tsim Sha Tsui station)

so tired; can barely walk

went to McDo to check food options but went back to KFC as food’s better (more loaded)

bought Zinger

1. chicken

<<missing portion in this page>>

I apologize for the missing portions. Until I decipher what they are (teaches me not to use purple pens for important stuff anymore..hehe), they will remain as missing portions. *wink*


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