HK+China+Macau – Part 3

03.23.08 Sunday

Easter Sunday ϋ

7:56 – woke up

Te Carms first to use bathroom

woke up Julie/Chen

8:15 – took a bath

arranged stuff inside bags

9:00 – asked for hot water

9:20 – done eating breakfast (noodles + skyflakes)

9:50 – out for the day

Chen decided not to go

remained in their room to arrange hers and Julie’s things

9:54 – ground floor

9:56 – stopped at money change

exchange rates:

1 US$ = 7.078 HKD buying

1.72 HKD

1 Pataca = 0.99 HKD selling

<<missing portion in this page>>

10:07 – out subway to New World Center (NWC)

10:09 – bus stop

10:11 – in front of NWC

10:15 – took shots

1. Ford Model T display

2. Starbucks (first one we’ve seen in HK)

10:29 – saw photo op of newlywed couple with family near car display

10:30 – display of new breed of cars

10:31 – Rolls Royce

Honda s2000 Convertible


10:45 – Avenue of Stars

10:58 – Starbucks overlooking the harbor

bus Concord Bus Touristik

met Jehovah’s Witness volunteers

11:05 – subway (walk to East Tsim Sha Tsui exit)

middle road

11:15 – arrived at Chung King

<<missing portion in this page>>

HKD 570 — 570 Pataca

+ 5 HKD


Money remaining: 656 HKD – intended for
1. ferry to China – 179

2. Disneyland – 350 + ____

11:55 – eat lunch

leftover KFC Zinger + coke + chicharon

12:12 – moved out Chen’s + Julie’s things to our room

12:31 – took photos of us with room

out of room

things near elevator

12:40 – picture-taking with Ahmed + Shakir

(photo taken by a Filipino guy whom we thought was of a different nationality)

His comment: You Filipino girls are beautiful.

Carms: Hehe..of course.

12:50 – out of the elevator to ground floor

12:52 – Julie had her money changed + Jez also

12:55 – out to

<<missing portion in this page>>

1:10pm – arrived in China Ferry Terminal (1st floor)

1:15 – Ticketing Office

HKD 178 – Zhuhai

1:35 – settled down; waited for doors (entry to departure hall) to open

2:45 – queued for entry to immigration departure hall

immigration (2nd copy of Hong Kong immigration card issued at the immigration)

2:52 – Berth 4 (for boarding)

settled down near berth 4 (minutes before departure)

3:40 – standing in front of berth entry awaiting boarding

3:55 – finally able to enter berth

4pm – ship departed from HK to Zhuhai

NOTE: feeling some motion discomfort

sea is rather choppy. Hopefully, my lunch will not make an appearance.

4:10 – filled up arrival + departure cards + health and quarantine declaration form on entry/exit

4:16 – slept (not feeling well; rather dizzy)

5:00 – woke up

docked (boat)

5:10 – out of boat

5:15 – lined up for China Immigration Inspection

1. health card

2. passport/visa – Foreigners Channel (lane 2)

5:46 – out of immigration

(see “Experience at Immigration”)

5:50 – ride taxi (contract) to Flex

actually not a taxi..rather a private car which was hired by Naynay to fetch us (90 RMB each)

6:30 – still on the road

sun is about to set (bright orange red ball looming over the mountains)

we’ve passed 3 bridges already

6:51 – arrived at Naynay’s place


<<missing portion in this page>>


12:30am (around) – slept like sardines..hehe







8:32 – woke up

Jez and Te Carms already prepared food for breakfast

Naynay and Tatay were already eating breakfast when I woke up.

Jez opened the door to the terrace and a very cool (and cold yet soothing) Zhuhai mountain air blew in (nice..nice..ϋ)

8:45 – washed up face and went to kitchen to eat breakfast

9:20 – started washing the dishes

10:15 – finished washing the dishes

(how OC…kadugay nahuman)

10:47 – waiting for Julie and chen to finish taking a bath

10:50 – took a bath

11:15 – finished taking a bath

ate cream-o + adobo

12:19 – out of house

waited for Naynay at ground floor

12:25 – walked towards Ma’am Rissa’s house in San Zhou

ate bihon and super yummy brownies

12:45 – out of the house

12:47 – waited for bus

1:05 – rode a bus

407 (route) and paid 2 yuan for fare

1:58 – arrived at the salon

took us that long because:

1. the salon is quite far from Naynay’s place

2. we got off at the wrong place (quite far from where Naynay intended us to alight) so we had to walk back..ϋ

2:05 – went to the 2nd floor to have our hair washed

2:13 – downstairs to start rebonding session

1. application of crème/cream unto hair (by section)

2. hair is washed after a few minutes

3. blowdried thoroughly

<<missing portion in this page>>

7. hair is blow dried (but in my case, dugay pa ko nag-wait befoe na blow dry akong buhok..ambot ngano..daghan man untang attendant ang naka-standby ra..tsk..tsk..hehe)

5:19 – still waiting na atimanon akong hair..murag bug-at na siya..nisamot kalabad akong ulo..hehe

5:31 – finally..out of the salon

hair’s super fabulous love it..hehe

had pic taken with the hairdressers *wink*

5:35 – walked towards bus stop (and some other stops)

stopped at pharmacy: Jez (hyperacidity) and Nanay (sore throat) bought meds

1. Mandefu – imitation McDonald’s

Naynay ordered chicken for Miss Riza and fries+popcorn chicken+coke for the kids

2. “ukay-ukay” stand

<<missing portion in this page>>

4. small shop selling first class imitation clothes

Julie bought a shirt.

7:30 – rode a bus (route 406) and stopped in front of a hospital (sa eskina)

Te Carms and I went to Ma’am Riza’s place to deliver the chicken

went home to Naynay’s place

Jez cooked dinner (pork stew + fried fish + nutri xpress drink)

9:00 (around) – cleared the table + washed the dishes

9:37 – finished washing the dishes (as in ingon ana kadugay) hehe

10:00 – settled money issues

10:30 – wacky pics

11:17 – changed clothes + brushed teeth

11:30 – went to bed


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