HK+China+Macau – Part 4

03.25.08 Tuesday

7:16am – woke up (feeling groggy but still damn pretty with my newly rebonded hair..hehe

ate bread with nutella spread

washed dishes while waiting for Te Carms to finish taking a bath

7:58 – took a bath

8:30 – ate breakfast

Jez and Te Carms cooked breakfast

9:35 – out of house to Miss Nori’s pad (6th floor)

10:05 – out of Miss Nori’s place

went to police to register but no officer is on duty so might register tomorrow

waited for a bus

10:30 – road a bus (Route 601B)

7 yuan

11:20 – arrived at Gongbei Port

lined up at China Immigration Frontier Inspection (lanes 16+17)

12:45pm – out of immigration (whew! may gani kay wala na sad nasangit ϋ)

12:52 – into Macau

<<missing portion in this page>>

2:14 – out of McDonald’s (just near immigration office, at the border)

2:16 – went inside Daiso (a Japanese store where most stuff are 10 Patacas or below)

<<missing portion in this page>>

4:19 – Sto. Domingo Church in Macau – a very nice church with lemon yellow motif in Rua de S. Domingos which seems like Den Haag (near the Parliament)

visit shops: Bossini, Giordano, etc.

5:05 – Ruins of St. Paul Church

photo op

5:25 – Toys Kingdom in Rua de Resurreiςấo

bought souvenirs

5:43 – waited for a bus (route 3)

6:19 – arrived in immigration

went out for a while to go to w.c. (Naynay’s lane is moving too slowly – lane 10)

7:08 – Wayne made we-wee (using an empty bona na bottle) inside immigration

7:33 – went inside China Immigration Inspection (near the China Free Duty Shop)



  1. 2 ref magnets (2×12) = 24
  2. 2 fans (2×5) = 10
  3. 6 chocolates: tango (6×10) = 60
  4. McDonald’s = 24.00


2 bus rides 5.00

123.00 patacas


7:35 – started lining up (lane 13 for foreigners)

NOTE: A Pakistani-looking foreigner was inspected THOROUGHLY. Hope things are more favourable to us this time. God help us. ϋ

8:00 – out immigration

8:18 – money changer


MOP 200 = HKD 193

MOP 410 = RMB 356


200 MOP = 193 HKD

240 MOP = RMB 208

8:29 – Ho Wan Restaurant (Gong Bei)

<<missing portion in this page>>

9:05 – went out of shop and started shopping (window shopping pala..hehe)

Te Carms bought a black bag as laptop bag. I bought a pair of red flat/ballet shoes. Julie bought an imitation golden brown nike shoes.

9:45 – walked out of Gong Bei Port

It was raining slightly. Sobrang cold. hehe Dah nganong wala nagsul-ob ug jacket..hehehe

10:00 – waited for bus (Route 601B) at waiting shed..a short distance from the port

10:05 – finally able to ride the bus..hehe

11:00 – arrived in Xing Quin (bus stop) raining chuva

11:05 – arrived at Naynay’s place

11:59 – still counting money

03.26.08 Wednesday

1:02am – slept (trying to..hehe)

9:25 – woke up (still groggy..hehe..a night of sleeping on your back while making sure your hair stays flat is rather stressful..hehe)

washed dishes (ang mga nahabilin gabii)

10:10 – ate breakfast

plain rice + bacon + mango + orange juice (minute maid)

The yang zhou fried rice was reheated by Chen but I didn’t eat it. hehe

10:46 – washed dishes

11:15 – took a bath (half bath that is..hehe) and changed clothes

11:50 – out of Naynay’s place to ground floor (to register with police) but no office is on duty

11:57 – at the bus stop waiting for a bus going to Gong Bei Port (Route 601B)

12:14pm – finally able to ride bus

1:16 – arrived

<<missing portion in this page>>

Bucket meal – 8 or so pieces of chicken, 1 sweet corn, 2 pcs. bread, 1 liter pepsi

They provided us plastic gloves.

3:16 – back to shopping – went to Landmark (at ground floor)

5:30 – went to Vanguard (a mall across Gong Bei) and bought some snacks (Te Nori) and ground pork (for ginaling)

before that we went to S____, a small store near Vanguard that sells pc parts and kitchen items. Te Nori wanted to buy measuring cups.

before we went to S___, we went to baby store to buy kids’ formula

6:45 – rode a bus

7:48 – arrived in Naynay’s place

Naynay cooked dinner (ginamay)

Peeps arranging their bags

I played PS2 with Christelle + Wayne

8:20 – dinner

9:05 – out to Jin Chang to buy foods as pasalubong

took photo after shopping

storekeeper really funny (and thought we were funny also)

10:15 – arrived in Nori’s place

<<missing portion in this page>>

03.27.08 Thursday

6:02 – woke up

6:05 – took a bath (as in super fast) + changed clothes

6:20 – breakfast

6:25 – brushed teeth

arranged clothes

6:48 – out of Naynay’s place (drivers already called ahead that they were already waiting downstairs)

7:52 – arrived in Jiuzhou port

bought tickets (160 yuan)

lined up at immigration (Te Carms was made to open her bag). Immigration Officer turned out to be okay. I was made to line up at the lane for Chinese nationals (as were the remaining passengers they were waiting for). Besides, no other person was lining up except for the Chinese guy we saw.

8:02 – was able to sit at the right seat (seat no. 184) next to a guy who was sneezing

<<missing portion in this page>>

9:15 – ferry disembarked in China Ferry Terminal

9:20 – w.c. at the departure terminal (arrivals at 2nd flr., naog ug 1 floor)

trudged back to Tsim Sha Tsui Station via Canton Road then Hai Phong Road (turn left)

HK$18 Tsim Sha Tsui – Lai King (interchange) – Sunny Bay – Disneyland Resort (Mickey Mouse train)

9:45 – road a train

10:36 – arrived in Disneyland

photo op at entrance

walked towards Disney fountain which is like 40-50 meters away from the station (not sure though)

<<missing portion in this page>>

11:58 – lining up (photo op + autograph of Donald Duck) at the Disneyland Emporium)

<<Last entry>>


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