I want to be a boy!

Sometimes I rather wish to become one – not for some pervert reason but rather because boys are  uncomplicated (but tell that to women and they’ll just roll their eyes..haha). They require less, talk less, laugh more and they can be gross without looking utterly laughable.

Chen and Jez goaded me into cleaning our stuff in the middle of a work afternoon. And if actually working is a pain in the bum, going through old papers, documents, folders, etc. is a pain in the bum multiplied a hundredfold with an extra sting of a bee. It was tedious and I didn’t realize that we accumulated so much paper (not to mention the paper beetles) in our short stay. Girls can’t live without paper. We’re like trapped in paper dimension or something. Ugh. Hehehe
it's a paper world out there
Damn, boys have it all so easy. There goes that thing about going around without any shirt on. Grrr. How I envy them for that.
boy of summer


4 thoughts on “I want to be a boy!

  1. Sometimes, i wish to be one too mau! For soOOoo many reasons. Topmost in my list: they can pee anywhere, magtindog ra pa jud!

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