Nanowrimo ready?

Probably not yet.

Though the long jeepney ride home (not to mention the heavy traffic) helped me formulate a plot of some sorts (doing my best to remember what I thought of in the stifling heat inside the jeepney last night), I still feel I am not quite ready to craft a readable thingy of 50 000 words. Hadn’t I been feeling this way already last year when I joined Nanowrimo for the first time? I never learn my lesson. Hehehe

The National Novel Writing Month or Nanowrimo is an annual writing challenge participated by people from all over the world (creating a good story of at least 50 000 words is no small feat) that will last for the whole month of November. With only three days til November 1st, most wrimos or the writers, armed with writing tools and whatever else they would need, could hardly wait. Even Pinoys are not spared from the hype. We actually have a very creative and supportive group and just celebrated the kick-off event last Saturday at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in Robinson’s Galleria. Made me wish I was in Manila when that happened. 😛
nanowrimo 2008
Sign up and join in on the writing craze. Check out and for tips and other fun stuff.

Update: 10.30.08 Made some notes about my plot while eating blueberry cheesecake I bought to go on sheer impulse from Starbucks SM last night (Chen was like “you sure?” Hehehe). I don’t know if it was the cheesecake’s doing but I sure made some progress. 😀
starbucks 10.29

The Cadbury wrapper came in handy for writing the url’s of some cool writing resources I stumbled upon yesterday.
Wordperhect v. – a rather quirky online (some sort of) word processor designed by Tomoko Takahashi ad Jon Pollard. The caricaure-type interface and sticky notes and everything else make it a fun and refreshing tool though the “messy” look may not be appropriate for writing long documents.
911 writersblock
911 Writersblock – The idea behind this was to help fight off writer’s block by “dialing” a certain number (like how you dial 911 for help in the u.s.) For example, you dial (or rather click on) 3 for Dramatic Entrances; 8 to Kill A Character, and so on and so forth. Cute concept and interface but needs additional resources.
[Big] Pain in the English – As described on the home page, this is a forum for the gray areas of the English language. Luv the title. Recommended for anyone especially to non-native English speakers.


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