Souls and Saints

October 31, 2008 Being Pinoy certainly has its perks – enjoying an afternoon off from work as an early observance of All Saints’ Day (Nov. 1) and All Souls’ Day (Nov. 2) for one. So in the middle of a sunny Friday afternoon, Chen, Julie and I had lunch together with Chen’s aunt. Our enemies wouldn’t have any trouble locating us with our head-to-toe black and white ensemble, huddled together in a small four-seater plastic table at Jollibee enjoying rice, fried chicken, burger steak and coke.


But it seems like I wasn’t contented with what I had for lunch if my eating cereals just a couple of hours after should be submitted as court evidence. The three of us went to chill at SM and enjoyed a bowl of cereals at Cerealicious (well, me mostly..hehe). Cerealicious, located at the 3rd level, offers unique cereal mixes whose names are derived from Hollywood movies. While the kids were busy trick or treating at the boutiques, I was enjoying my Karate Kit – consists of cornflakes, kitkat (hence the name), marshmallows, chocolate ice cream and drizzled with chocolate syrup. Yum!

Other yummy offerings on their menu (with equally yummy cool names):

cerealicious menu

(1) Apple O-13 (2) Harry Butter, Finger of Azkaban (3) Mona Kissa Smile (4) Charlie and the Chocnut Factory (5) Oreo + Juliet (6) Nerd of the Rings (7) Cashewblanca (8) Banana Jones and the Temple of Doom (9) The Gummi Returns (10) About a-hoy (11) Nutting Hill (12) Mint Joe Black (13) Frootloose (14) Jumango (15) The K After Tomorrow (16) Erin Brocko-peach (17) The Ma_Trix. Not in the pictures are: (18) I-Rone Man and (19) Gone Mandarin.

If I could whip up my own mix though, I’d name it You-gurt Mail with Post Blueberry Morning cereal, low-fat milk, fruit yogurt, cashew and honey crumble. YUM!!! Incidentally, I loved that movie.

Luvin’ some cereal? Check out

November 1, 2008 – Enjoyed a glass of milk and Sumo wafer sticks dipped in peanut butter before a heavy brunch with the family at around 11am. The rest of the day was spent reading old novels, chowing down puso and siomai with super spicy sauce, and visiting the tombs of dead relatives (the graveyard’s just a few steps away from our house..hehe). Interesting enough, I found out that my lolo (my mama’s father) was a Zafra. It’s cool to think that me and the acclaimed witty writer Jessica Zafra could actually be related. Wow! 😀

The cemetery this year is as full packed as ever but it’s much more peaceful now with police officers posted at the entrance gates and a few of them going around the cemetery. It’s good to note that most Pinoys still follow the tradition of remembering the departed though it’s a pity that some graves are never visited as evidenced by the non-existence of flowers that dried up or tallow drops from candles. My prayers also went for them, too.

November 2, 2008 – Me and the cousins decided to forego hosting a Halloween party this year as we wanted to host a Christmas party for the neighborhood kids instead (missed this one last year as I was somewhere else in the world). So it was a kinda boring day save for a brief game of checkers and my conversation with an old classmate in kindergarten who came to live in Cebu again after being gone for many years.


3 thoughts on “Souls and Saints

  1. they taste real good, too..tried Cashewblanca last night (thanks, Jez..hehe)..lami siya..mas lami kaysa karate kit..pero cute-an lang sad nuon ko sa name ato..hehe
    actually, puwede ra man ka mo-create ug imohang combo..kinda mahal lang kaysa sa naa sa ilang menu daan.. 😀

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