Caught up with the Season

I want to apologize for being out for a really long time. Yet “busy” or even “hectic” can’t describe how occupied I was the last few weeks to finish projects and some other stuff. So I’ve thrown in here a bunch of randomness. Cheers to the holidays! 😉

Bum on Vacation
December 27. Glad to be with family for Christmas this year. Really glad. The kids ganging up on me to get off the computer. Challenge my personal best score on Monkey Kick Off at

Black and Shimmering
December 20. In requisite black (without the shimmer..walking a kilometer before getting an available taxi can make you sweaty but not shimmering..hehe) for the party thrown for the management team. I suck at Hep-Hep-Hurray but it was fun! 😀

Cabernet Sauvignon in a Plastic Cup

cabernet sauvignon in a cup

December 19. On my fourth cup and getting a bit tipsy while dancing and balancing the frail cup. Office parties are the best! Merry Christmas! 😀


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