Capoeira é Amor

Three weeks into this amazing sport and I’ve just lost pounds of frustration, that general lazy feeling and “heavyness” and gained new buddies. Yet I’m not one to brag about having acquired great skills as I’ve yet to master even the basic steps. But what the heck! Capoeira is certainly one of the exciting things I’ve tried this year.

To celebrate the opening of the 1st ever full time Capoeira academy in
Asia, there will be a free workshop open to the public 6:30pm Fri 13
Mar at the new academy at Level 3,Luym Building in downtown Cebu City.
Capoeira is a 500 year old Brazilian martial arts and dance form that
is rapidly spreading around world and has now reached Cebu. Capoeira
evolved in colonial Brazil, where African slaves forbidden from
practicing martial arts, used music and song to disguise their
preparations to fight their captors. The elements of the disguise have
become integral parts of the practice. Modern Capoeira intertwines
music and song with self defense, acrobatics and dance. It offers the
world a tool and methodology to embrace the highest aspirations of the human spirit: liberation, joy, freedom, and wisdom!!

The free workshop will be followed by a celebratory Capoeira Roda
(pronounced Hoh-Dah ) to commemorate the opening. The event will also
be marked by the attendance of a Capoeira trainer with 8 years
experience in the art, all the way from Poland,Eryk Khalifa “Canguru”.
The Capoeira “Roda” is the circle of people within which Capoeira is
played. Capoeira classes at the Luym Building will be 6 days a week
with classes at lunch time and evenings for all levels of fitness and
all ages. In March, the first month of classes is only 500p as a
discounted promotion as a celebration of the opening of the academy.

Here in Cebu, the Capoeira community is led by Jensen Go Chow, a
balikbayan who spent a year in Brazil learning the art of Capoeira and
now is teaching here under the supervision of Brazilian master, Mestre
Torpedo, who relocated to Manila from Riode Janeiro last month.

Jensen was the Brazilian Capoeira Super league’s Asia Pacific Capoeira
Champion, and has set up academies in Australia, Thailand, Indonesia
and now he is back home, started an academy here. Cebu is starting to
embrace more exotic things, and Capoeira will be embraced by us
Cebuanos who love to sing and dance and are so expressive. Capoeira
students come from a large cross section of society: some come from
other martial arts who are bored punching the air or need less
brutality and want more “art” from their martial art. Break dancers
borrow countless moves from Capoeira’s flashy acrobatics, while
gymnasts and dancers really appreciate the great rhythm and body
control that Capoeira employs. Even those who have never previously
enjoyed organized sport watch Capoeira and are mesmerized by the
synergy between the music, song and graceful movements, and most of
all the party atmosphere of the art!

For more information call Tel# 032 412 4076 or cell# +63 927 858 9023.
Email us at Info@Capoeira. ph
Visit our website:
Yup. Love myself that much that’s why I’m into Capoeira. 😉


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