Summer Soiree+Life Lesson

Pachuvachuva was there as Speedo, the famed swimming gear brand, launched its summer 2009 collection and ended the last day of April with a bang at The Terraces in Ayala Center Cebu. The guests who came in their most summer-ific outfits had a blast as they enjoyed the performance of DJ Elmer Dado and Grupo Tribale while going around the booths: (a) henna tattoo and body glitter; (b) hair braiding; (c) 5-minute massage by The Spa at Cebu; and (d) drinks by Bistro Ecila and TGI Friday’s.

summer soiree invite

Cool invite courtesy from a friend who believes I need an outlet for my angst.  Friends like that are forever remembered. ^_^

I Swear! The Mazda 3 was winking at me. ^_^

our fave summer soiree models
Xtin’s fave is Ms. Cebu 2009 Kris Janson (leftmost) while mine and Chen’s manok is Surfer Dude (we called him such as he’s the only one from the guys who stood out with his cafe au lait complexion, super relaxed vibe and kulot hair.) *cheeky grin*

A friend was rather concerned that our non-wearing of the prescribed outfit might hinder us from being admitted. Enter a fast quip borne out of necessity that would have earned yours truly a spot in the annals of history along with the most incredible basketball fast break records: “We can always tell them we’re Goth and this is how summer is to us (pointing to our normal clothes). Besides, summer is all about attitude and not just clothes. 😉 ”

Yummy yummy margarita even on an empty stomach.

Moral of the story: Never let your “feelings of unworthiness” prevent you from enjoying a good margarita. Cheers! 😀


6 thoughts on “Summer Soiree+Life Lesson

  1. hahahaha..ambot, tin, kung kinsa na sila nga sa ka-concerned sa sanina kay hala nag-ilis jud ug pink top and white shorts 😛

    pero lami au ang margarita noh? hehe

  2. asa man ta maui…dba nagshow man sad ta…hehehhehe…the best thing…free drinks+the cutie male model…yummy! ala pa lang ta dinner mao ala kay ko ka enjoy sa free drinks…maybe next time….

  3. bitaw, dapat next time kay kaon jud ta’g daghan so we can enjoy the drinks to the fullest..haha
    niingon naman sad to nanay nga i-update ta niya sa mga events sa terraces and she’ll try to get us some passes pud if she can. nice, noh? ^_^

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