About A Certain Fellow Named Mr. Frog

He’s one of those men, you know (LOL..I don’t know about you but that phrase just cracks me up and I’m pretty sure a lot of pinoys get why i do 😉 ), always curious to the point of being such a snoop. You only have to look at his big big eyes and you know (there’s that phrase again..hehe) that he’s up to something.

One day, Mr. Frog decided to pay me a visit.

So that’s what he was spying for!

He just wanted to see what’s on my reading list. Phew! Thought he was after something top secret. 😛

(NOTE: Pachuvachuva assures you that no animal was hurt during this photo shoot. Mr. Frog was more than willing to pose. Shots were taken using a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS3.)


15 thoughts on “About A Certain Fellow Named Mr. Frog

  1. he’s so cute mauie…love him…love the eyes and his lips…oh! so kissable…wahhahahhahah….cool!

  2. @boyet: toinks! wala’y mosquito oi 😛

    @chen: what??? you like him? hehehe yeah..got to agree..he’s really cute..hehe 😀

  3. ay, blooey, wish ko sana but unfortunately hindi..he’s one of my orphans na tumatambay sa bed ko..hehe
    nabili namin siya sa ukay-ukay. ^_^

  4. hi torch! hehe finally, here’s my first great grand comment! 🙂 i love your shots! hopefully, ako imong subject sunod ha. i’ll gladly pose for you. hahah feeler! 😀 nyways, cutie ang frog and those books.. i bet you’re already read them all! 🙂

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  6. hi, torch! oist, thanks for dropping by and for posting your great grand comment 😀
    your posing for me in the future would be no problem at all except that i don’t have a camera yet (just borrowed chen’s for the shoot..hehe) so if daghan ka’g sobra diha, paliti kog DSLR beh…please please please…hehehehe
    and nope..haven’t read them all yet..gihinay-hinayan ra ^_^

  7. ahaha! yeah, just read “THE wish list” of yours! 🙂 hmm, we’ll see! 😀 haha! i-attach nlng nako sa e-mail ang DSLR, hehe. korniks, i know. anyways, keep on blogging! When I’m ready, might also share my private blog. hehe but for now, i’ll keep it private. wehehe.

  8. psst..maski P50 lang beh ipuno nakog palit sa cheesecake..hehe
    bitaw, dream pa jud na nako ang DSLR..nya kay wala man jud ko digicam ron, magtigom nalang ko for a waterproof one aron ka usa ra..hehe
    bantay ha..share baya your blog when you’re ready..kining akoa kay practice-practice ra man ni..hehe

  9. i have a barkada named froggy hehe. and hes got like kermit the frog’s eyes thats why we call him froggy. lol

    and yeah the EOS SLR Cam, Sure want my grubby lil hands on one of them and wait till you see what I could take pictures of. sunsets, candid scenes, cars, pretty girls ooh and i love black and white photos. My gramps was a professional local photographer at our barangay (tisa) but hes what we call in our dialect “maniniyot” koz ma niyuut (shoot) cya ng pictures. talaga naman tong dialect natin o, hehe then my erpat started as the official photographer of Cebu City Hall then moved to being the official photographer of the BFP. so i got this little inclination to photography growing up with all these ancient photographic equipment. 🙂

    lucky for you guys you dont have to go through the tedious process to develop your pictures just to see the actual pictures like they did way back. heheh

  10. @boyet: ey, you still got old photography equipment? puwede nako i-ransack inyong garage? i’ll text you ha when ko moadto..thanks daan ^_^

  11. Mau! As in, i’d have to agree with everyone here. The frog is uber-cute, where’d u find him? ehehe. I see you’re back to blogging and writing ha. Man, and I’d love to borrow some of the books you have there! Di naman gud ka active kaayo sa Shelfari. Sakspanz pud ka… Booksale adik! Preho nata. Salesgirls get annoyed with me because i stay too long there. hehehe. Ingatz and please kiss ur frog prince for me. ;P

  12. hi, vix! 😀
    sa ukay-ukay na nako siya nakit-an..dugay-dugay na sad oi..hehe
    no worries..akong ilista lang nya what ang complete titles aron makapili ka 🙂
    ambot oi..karon nga nibalik kog kaadik sa booksale, di naman ko ganahan mopalit if mosobra ug P50 ang libro..hahaha

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