10 for the 25th

Too bad it was only last year when I learned and applied the wisdom of asking for the things I really really want but nevertheless, it was fun being surprised receiving them from very good friends. And for the 25th celebration of my pachuvachuva-ness, I would like to make it just as easier for them this time. So after weeks of thinking and revising, here is my birthday wish list (THE wish list of all wish lists 😉 ):

1. Red Bowler Camera Bag
red bowler camera bag red bowler camera bag_2

red bowler camera bag_3 Kick-ass & sassy don’t even begin to describe this cute accessory from photojojo.com.

2. Canon EOS 40D DSLR
canon eos 40d dslr
That cute bag (see #1) would be pretty useless without a camera to use it with, ayt? 😉 Full product review at dpreview.com.

But if it’s way over your budget, you can just get me this and I won’t hate you for it. Hehehe
Olympus Stylus 1030SW
olympus stylus 1030sw

Images courtesy of and full product reviews at travelgearblog.com and olympusamerica.com. Additional review at cnet.com.

3. Stabilo markers + Faber-castell watercolor pencils

stabilo markers

faber-castell watercolor pencils
The National Bookstore sells them really cheap. *wink*

4. Trip to Vigan
Yay! Only a week more to go. Lots of culture-soaking and bonding with friends.

5. Gift cheque for Booksale
Since i don’t think this is available (drat! I forgot to ask while I was there yesterday.) I would gladly take the cash. 😀

story time by edward bloor
Story Time by Edward Bloor. An early birthday treat from fellow Flipper maydayeve as we invaded Booksale at Emall yesterday. Sweet.

6. Mood rings
Sold in bazaars run by Muslims (the ones in SM City Cebu Trade Hall look really cute and are just about my size – around P150 each). Super heavy hint here. Hahahaha

7. Cheesecake, cheesecake, cheesecake
The Japanese green tea variety at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is good but blueberry is still my favorite.

8. Black Drawing Pad + cute jacket like the ones sported by Dakota Fanning as Cassie in the movie “Push“.

Image courtesy of juniorcelebs.com.

dakota fanning's jacket in push
Image courtesy of icollector.com.

10. K. Cross
I saved the best for last. *blush*

14 thoughts on “10 for the 25th

  1. *shakes head*
    i must be dreaming..carms can’t be too eager to buy me one of those..hehehe

    chige2 😀

    1. bowler camera bag – at photojojo.com
    2. canon eos 450D (as in pag saturday lang nako nakit-an!) – Canon Store @ SM Northwing (Cyberzone, 3/F)

    Olympus 1030 SW – Kamera Haus (spelling?) @ SM 2/F (but currently out of stock pa..so maybe in a few weeks or so..hehe..plano nako mo-wait mga padung december so i can pay some of it in cash then the rest kay staggard for 12 months at 0%..hehe)
    3. stabilo markers + faber-castell pencils – @ NBS SM (i think available ra sad siguro ni sa Yala ug Mango)
    5. Booksale GC – Modawat ra ko ug cash. Hehehe
    6. Mood rings – @ bazaars or sa trade hall sa SM (nana ko nakit-an sa una but wala naman ko kakita sa naninda oi..found some yesterday but they’re the run-of-the-mill type..gusto ko unique..pero modawat ra japon ko bisan unsa..hehe)
    7. Cheesecake – pwede one each from Coffee Bean, Figaro, Gloria Jean’s, Bo’s, Seattle’s Best, Starbucks or any other store sa Terraces (aron di na kaayo mo mahasol ug lakaw..hahahaha) 😀
    Sus! Kalami ana nga treat oi..blog jud dayon! hehehe
    8. black drawing pad? – nah! still looking everywhere kung asa na siya mapalit..as in cute man gud..hehe
    jacket – umm..idk where siya paliton..pero puwede na any lightweight “sosyal/formal/girly” nga jacket! ^_^
    10. K. Cross – he’s priceless and can’t be bought 😛

  2. ay na-touch ko..hehehe excite na ko makadawat dah..unsa kaha na? hehehe
    thanks daan, te carms!
    hmm..napansin ko lang..excited ka nga motawag ni junrex ug “hubby”…oiiiii hehehe 😉

  3. i think the better phrase would be “whether you i like it or i like it” 😛 hehehe

    hope to see you soon kay ako nya ihatag akong pasalubong..hehe

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