Post #62

This post is super historic, momentous, and [fill in other superlatives that would suffice the meaning], since not every blogger would brag about their 62nd post. Actually, that’s how a blogger would write her intro when she’s super overwhelmed with the excitement of discovering the Ilocandia on her birthday no less. For the next 48 hours, Pachuvachuva will be breathing, eating and dreaming of nothing else but Vigan and Laoag until she gets there.

In honor of this [insert another superlative here] occasion, it’s only fitting that Pachuvachuva should reveal a bit about herself. Relax, I don’t plan on boring you so this won’t be very long. 😛

– paper and pen must always be within my reach as I’m bound to write or doodle anything
– i have a thing for taking (and sometimes memorizing) random plate numbers and this is coupled by my compulsion to “scare” taxi drivers by letting them know i have their car’s plate no. so they should think twice about doing something bad to any friend who happens to be that cab’s passenger
– surprisingly, my love for books and the beauty of written words in general doesn’t extend to poems
– i lean mostly on my right side when i sleep
– i used to just tune out people when they start bragging but now it’s much easier to deal with braggarts by coming up with equally or more ridiculously outrageous about calling their bluff *wink*
– my imagined gamophobia ranks high up in the ladder along with my fear of drowning, dying and being photographed badly..hahaha
– i love doing the’s very therapeutic plus the hand lotion you have to apply after is much much cheaper compared to bribering your younger sibling to do it
– i sometimes buy books based on their covers (some examples: Jack Gantos’ The Love Curse of the Rumbaughs, a compiled edition of Fritz Leiber’s Lankhmar (though that one was Carms’ birthday gift last year) and old editions of A Wrinkle in Time and Many Waters by Madeleine L’Engle
– people don’t have trouble giving me gifts – it’s just a toss between books or even more books
– am very happy to have graduated from the famed (and dreaded) NBSB Club…technically *another wink*
– i used to be deathly afraid of going to bed hungry..blame it on old tales about a hungry soul raiding the kitchen for a midnight snack yet he ended up getting trapped inside a cooking pot
– was listening to Kennedy by Ratatat, Last Words by The Real Tuesday Weld, and Little Motel by Modest Mouse (the three from Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist OST) as I was typing this
– i prefer songs from artists or bands with obscure-sounding names hence, the choices above

I could go on and on but I’d like to keep my promise so maybe next time. ^_^


4 thoughts on “Post #62

  1. hi, Torch! thanks for dropping by 😉
    yup..had fun in vigan, laoag, paoay and pagudpud..lingawa oi pero grabeha sad kakapoy sa byahe kay gabii man then 10 hours ave. pero di nuon kaayo dugay among pabalik..hehehe

    will give you your pasalubong the next time we see each other..mwaah! ^_^

  2. weeeh! 😀 i’m beaming with joy! thanks, torch! 🙂 hehe, nag dali na jd ko ug read sa magyk series so I can return the books na kay basin naay next reader in line na. hehe 😀 oh well, that’s good you enjoyed your birthday getaway! 🙂 hugsies!

  3. don’t have to oi..wala ma’y naghulat nga maka-borrow..take your time! 😉
    yep, we had fun..lingaw pero taas-taas sad gyod ang byahe..hehe

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