You Have Two Days More

From the second largest cosmetics franchise in the world, here’s a treat for all of us The Bodyshop fans:

bodyshop final reduction sale

Even after 33 years of a series of brilliant accidents from its founding by then Italian immigrant Anita Roddick nee Anita Lucia Perilli in March 1976 between 2 funeral parlors in Littlehampton, West Sussex, England, the company still upholds its policies against animal testing. Frequently found in the company’s 2400 stores in 61 countries are posters that say “Our products are not tested on animals, never have been and never will be.”

The company is also known for its active role in promoting its Community Trade or “Trade Not Aid” initiative among different countries in the world with the aim of “creating trade to help people in the Third World utilise their resources to meet their own needs”. The Bodyshop gets its supply of honey and beeswax from Zambia, cactus mitts and sisal scrubs from Mexico, marula oil from Namibia, handmade recycled paper and card from Nepal, organic alcohol and banana puree from Ecuador, organic tea tree oil from Kenya, and from Ghana, cocoa butter and shea butter. Its history of community trade around the world involving more than 15 countries is summarized in this video.

So, girls and boys (we know you’re vain sometimes..hehe), head to the nearest Bodyshop outlet or check out its online store. There’s no need to emphasize the need to hurry, is there? *wink*



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