The Liebling+Custo Barcelona Equation

Just when you think that bags couldn’t get any cuter, you get a nudge from a fashion momma.

custo assorted

Custo Barcelona is the result of sheer creativity + business acumen + a dash of luck for the Catalan fashion designer Custo Dalmau. Born Ángel Custodio Dalmau Salmón, the Architecture graduate founded Custo Barcelona in 1959 with his brother David after their fateful trip to the US. What started with t-shirts now boasts of different ready-to-wear merchandise including bags. Even today, the name Custo Barcelona still screams fun, fashion, shamelessly fabulous.

custo madonna

custo kelly f

custo mimi

custo vanessa

In Cebu, you can get these cute bags from Liebling, an operations manager by day, a mom when she gets home from work, and a fab friend and fashionista by heart. Look her up on And to answer the above equation, you just have to get and tote one of these bags (or even several! I mean who’s gonna complain, ayt? 😉 ).

Custo Barcelona history source is The catalogs for the Custo bags were especially made for and are exclusively owned by Liebling.


9 thoughts on “The Liebling+Custo Barcelona Equation

  1. Migosh! nag-blush man ko oi! Grabe kaau ang support – not to mention grabe kaau ang promotion.. Among manager diri kay 18 years na sa company. Compared to me: less than one year pa intawon! hahahah

    But yeah, it’s true, the bags are really a hit in Cebu! I never expected the outpour of orders in a week..

    Thanks for the advertisement.

    Also, want to STRESS this: The layouts for the catalogs are exclusively done by this doodler right here in dark shades who is a capoeira enthusiast, a witty blogger, the REAL fashionista who doesn’t have to be spotted in Promod, Mango, or say, F&H, or P&P to be one (she has her own updated supplies from suppliers all over), an aspiring teacher (?), and a very good, supportive friend of mine… of ours!

    Mwaaahhh to Mauie!

  2. Mas ni-blush man ko ani, Nay, oi..grabe ang description for Pachuvachuva 😛
    bitaw, thank you..thank you 😀
    ay, si Jez kay mas grabe jud ang suporta kay kadaghan gud nag-email. Hehehe

  3. hehehe..hi, byang! please check out
    for more pics of the bags..daghan pa kaayo didto! sa ako ning friend..short ad ra akong gibuhat diri 🙂

    i think for now kay bags ra iyang gi-deal pero who knows later, mag-add sila’g lain2 nga merchandise..i-bookmark nalang iyahang url (and also including this one if ganahan ka 😀 )

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