Life Is Suite and Scarlett

You know a day will be great when you start it well with a smile. But on a special day like this, I hid away my cute grin and put on my 10-megawatt smile on display instead because of a really great news I got so early in the morning (see this blog’s about page for the announcement).

Yours truly won a suite – not just to stay there for a few days but to own it for as long as I want!

suite scarlett by maureen johnson

No room service though for this paperback. ๐Ÿ˜‰

By some serendipitous event, I stumbled upon the Suite Scarlett Paperback Book Giveaway Contest hosted by Monster of Books, a book blog on the best of YA (young adult) books by Canada-native Maura K. And not a day more since the deadline was yesterday, July 13, 2009. So with fingers crossed, I typed my entry form and pressed send hoping against hope I’d win. And yes, I did! (Thanks to Maura and to my lucky charm! ๐Ÿ™‚ ). Suite Scarlett will be my first, yet definitely not the last, Maureen Johnson book and I can’t wait to hibernate (if such a thing were ever possible in a tropical island) and read it.

Blogging for three years now, Monster of Books has just been blogroll-ed on Pachuvachuva. Check out my sidebar under Of Books & Words.

I would like to thank Monster of Books for the original image that was edited by yours truly for the purpose of this entry.

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