If I Were A Boy, I’d Be Nobody

In the tradition of fabulous book giveaways, I’m posting a link to Natasha Maw’s equally fabulous giveaway — a signed copy of the 2009 Newbery Award winner, The Graveyard Book.

graveyard book giveaway

Accomplished writer Neil Gaiman‘s The Graveyard Book is the story of Nobody Owens. Bod, as he has come to be known to the inhabitants of the graveyard, was left orphaned when a mysterious Jack killed his family on one fateful night. Only by some lucky token was Bod able to elude the killer. Crawling on all fours, as only a toddler can manage, he slowly trudged his way towards the nearby graveyard, answering a strange calling to seek refuge in that gloomy part of the city that only comes alive as twilight sets in. This is the story of how a community of the dead raised a boy in their midst as normally as they can while also teaching him their ways. This is the story of our secret yearnings of how fun would it be to leap from tomb to tomb under the moonlight without the fear of offending the spirits. This story is of Nobody Owens.


    1. This giveaway will be open internationally.
    Deadline will be on Thursday, July 23, 2009. So the rest of us who haven’t joined the contest yet still have 2 more days to go. Announcement of winners will be a few days hence.
    2. To enter, leave a comment on the giveaway post answering this question:
    If you lived in a graveyard, which dead person would you want to make sure was buried there, so you could hang out together and why? No answer, no entry.
    3. Five additional entries for each of the following: If you are not already subscribed and you sign up for updates either through RSS or by email, Twitter this giveaway, Stumble or fav this post, post about the giveaway either in forums (leave a link) or on your blog.
    4. Ten additional entries if you are already subscribed. The blogger’s of saying thanks if you’ve already been sticking around.

Natasha Maw is a mother to 2 boys and a master gardener while also blogging at mawbooks.com. View her complete profile here.
Thanks to fellow Flipper Francesca is currently de-cluttering every nookie in the house who posted the link to the giveaway on the Flipper discussions. Mucho mucho thanks. 😀
Image of The Graveyard Book is courtesy of Maw Books and was edited by this blogger for the purpose for this post.
TRIVIA: Our house is less than a hundred steps away from the nearest graveyard and 13 years ago, we used to go by it as a shortcut going to and from the school at lunch time. Yes, it is just as eerie to explore the graveyard at high noon as it is at night time. Your imagination does a great job of scaring you. 😀


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