One Snap Happy Weekend

Pachuvachuva is happy to have met for the first time the talent behind, Blooey Singson, on one sunny weekend in Cebu.

sumthinblue for some sunny weekend
Flippers smiling. Pachuvachuva and Blooey gamely posed to mark the meet up. We’re both members of Flips Flipping Pages, an online community of book lovers and readers. ^_^

1 Cebu Expo

Blooey flew all the way from Manila to cover the event, Pasigarbo sa Sugbo, so while exchanging adventures and book stories, we toured the exhibit areas in the Cebu International Convention Center.

Above pictures feature accessories from Avatar Accessories Inc. which I must say are really nice and a favorite stopover by the women and ladies.

Other displays included cute pillows made from native materials and a wedding dress for the Association of Sugbu’s Wedding Planners and Coordinators (ASWPC) which was coincidentally holding an exhibit showcasing Cebu’s finest homegrown artists.

My bad I’ve forgotten to take note of the names of the companies putting on the display though. Hehe

Despite the heat and the constant brushing against other people’s elbows (some area displays were cozy..hehe), it was a fun day alright. It was great being away from school even for a bit. Thanks for the invite, Blooey. Was fun meeting you! And next time I’ll show up earlier so we can go book hunting! Hehe

Snap Happy. Pushing my luck as I went from booth to booth taking pics hoping I wouldn’t get “no taking of pictures, please” admonitions. 😀
Images were taken using Chen’s Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS3 with minor editing done in Photoshop. Copyright by this author. ^_^
Pachuvachuva is currently on a hiatus from producing new entries due to midterm exams. (Boohoo! Hehe) Promise to be back soon. 😉


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