The A-Z Reading Challenge

Islandhopper or Ihop introduced a new reading challenge on meant especially for those who are guilty of hoarding books yet can’t find time to read (was she talking about me? hehe).
One rule is that for every letter in the alphabet, you have to pick one author that you haven’t read yet and get to know him/her. And you have to finish everything on your list in a year’s time.
Sounds cool, right? I know you want to join in on the fun so click here. 😀

my author picks

I miss some letters, you say? Well, that’s because I’m forbidden to acquire more books until we could get our house in order. 😦
In a few weeks, we would be moving temporarily somewhere else and most of my books are safely stowed in a box ready to be hauled as soon as we have to go. The books mentioned above are the only ones I have within easy reach. But I still have a year anyway to complete this challenge so who knows? I might be able to find the “missing” authors just in time. 🙂

Ihop blogs about this here.
You can check out I Flip Pages from my sidebar under La Book-aracha.

Image above features fonts downloaded from various internet sources.
Collage © Pachuvachuva, 2010.

To join said challenge, please register on Shelfari first by clicking on here.

4 thoughts on “The A-Z Reading Challenge

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  2. Here’s my list…it was fun compiling this. These are the books/authors I read over the past year or so, in part or in full. The others are maintstays, my select circle of favorite authors/books that I read over and over.

    A – Adams, Henry (The Education of Henry Adams)
    – Austen, Jane (Emily)
    B – Buck, Pearl (The Good Earth)
    – Burnett, Frances Hudgson (The Secret Garden)
    – Bronte, Emily (Wuthering Heights)
    – Basho (Haiku)
    – Ballard, J.G. (Empire of the Sun)
    C – Cather, Willa (Short Stories, Death Comes for the Archbishop, My Antonia)
    – Checkov, Anton (Lady With the Little Dog and other short stories)
    – Capote, Truman (In Cold Blood)
    D – Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan (Adventures of Sherlock Holmes)
    E –
    F – Frost, Robert (Poetry)
    – Forster, E.M. (Howard’s End)
    G – Galsworthy, John (Forsythe Saga)
    – Gusa, Tsure-zure (Miscellany of a Japanese Priest)
    – Guterson, David (Snow Falling On Cedars)
    – Golden, Arthur (Memoirs of a Geisha)
    H – Housman, A.E. (Poetry)
    I – Ibsen, Henrik (Hedda Gabler)
    J – Joyce, James (Dubliners)
    K – Kawabata, Yasunari (Thousand Cranes)
    Kafka, Franz (The Castle)
    L – Lee, Harper (To Kill A Mockingbird)
    – Lewis, Sinclair (Main Street)
    M – Millay, Edna St. Vincent (Poetry)
    – Marquez, Gabriel Garcia (100 Years of Solitude)
    N – Natsume Soseki (I Am A Cat, Botchan)
    – Nabokov, Vladimir (Lolita)
    O – O’Connor, Flannery (A Good Man is Hard to Find and other stories)
    – Ovid (Ars Amatoria)
    P – Platt, Sylvia
    Q – Qabbani, Nizar (Childhood of a Bosom)
    R – Rilke, Rainier Maria (Poetry)
    S – Steinbeck, John (Of Mice and Men)
    – Spyri, Johanna (Heidi)
    T – Tan, Amy (Kitchen God’s Wife)
    – Twain, Mark (The Innocents Abroad)
    U – Updike, John (Rabbit is Rich)
    V –
    W – Weisberger, Lauren (The Devil Wears Prada)
    – Wilder, Laura Ingals (Little House on the Prairie)
    X –
    Y –

    • Hi, Ate Lota. Kumusta na oi? Gwapa lang gihapon? 🙂

      Thanks for sharing your list. Cool list, by the way. Some of the books in your list are a bit familiar; the others, I have yet to hear of. I’ll be glad to hear what you would be able to finish by year-end. (I’m so bad because I started books nga wala sa list. Mosamot gyod nga dili ko kahuman ani. Hehe) ^_^

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