One with the Jellies

one with the jellies

It’s been a fun Sinulog weekend (getting soaked in the rain during the mass at the Basilica Minore Sto. Nino was part of the fun, too :D) for all Cebuanos and visitors from neighboring provinces or even abroad. Too bad though I can’t share any photos with you as we didn’t bring any camera earlier for the fear of pickpockets, snatchers and muggers. These bad guys must took after gremlins as they multiply when they get wet in the rain. Hahahaha

So on Sunday night, I saw myself chilling at home eating fruity Gel-a-Snacks killing time and watching Lost. I’m not much of a fan, really, but there was nothing else on TV. I missed the cooking shows because we got home late. Blame it on moi as I took my sweet time at Booksale in Fiesta Mall (oops..wasn’t I supposed to stay away from bookstores until an indefinite period? Hehe..See the A-Z Reading Challenge for explanation. ^_^ )

To cap this happy night were some really unexpected awards that Maura of Monster of Books gave to Pachuvachuva. I was beyond happy. πŸ˜€

humane award

one lovely blog award

So I’m passing on The Humane Award to bloggers who make this blogging business worthwhile and whose kind words just keep me going:

It was one fine night, indeed. πŸ™‚
Image Β© Pachuvachuva, January 2010.

11 thoughts on “One with the Jellies

  1. Well, I finally got that book the 2 days ago. I must admit it is really good (so far). Will let ya know what I think when I finish.

    Been missing you on MH (if you log on,gave you a present), not many left that I talk to, forums been kinda dead. Had 2 people give there goodbyes posts last week, one being Prozac. Seems like it is going down hill.

    See ya later πŸ™‚

    • Hi, Rhino! πŸ™‚

      I’m happy you left a message. I am so sorry I haven’t been on much because of school (we had finals last week..yippeey!! :)) and I no longer have internet at home (we moved temporarily to my grandma’s until our house gets fixed). I will try to log on to MH the soonest possible time I can.

      Miss you, guys! πŸ˜‰

      • Glad to hear from you. Hope you did well on finals. I bombed one of mine, delaying graduation yet again till next spring 😦

        MH’s activity is low, lucky to see a couple of posts a day. Oh, and drop Prozac a line (or Maximus or whatever he is going by this week).

        And finally, that book I was reading (Hunger Games), I really liked it. As soon as I finished I went to get book 2 that night. Now I am impatient to wait till August 24 to get book 3. Also last week I found out they are in the process of making it into a movie (which if done improperly will be bad. I can see them casting the wrong people).

        Hope to hear from you soon πŸ™‚

      • My finals was okay although I have yet to know the results if I passed or not. But when I was answering the exams, I didn’t really care if I would pass or not. I just wanted for everything to be over so I could start my vacation early (summer is calling!!! hehe). πŸ˜€

        Sorry to hear about your finals. But I’m hoping you’ll graduate next spring. And you have to send me a picture of you wearing your toga or whatever. Hehehe

        MH really lost a lot of people. It used to be the highlight of my day not because my stats are getting really good but because there were so many interesting people I met like Mr. Maiden, Brewtal (I had a bounty thing going with those two when money was still scarce..hehe), Damn Big Tom, Sid (when he was still known as Zero), you, Big Momma (when she was just starting), Kenpachi (and his brother whose name I forgot now), Mari, Malaki and his wife Kira, Prozac and everyone else. And of course, my mh hubby, Zanz. Hehe
        Which reminds me how come you never got married? There were plenty of chicks who dig you then. Maybe you’re just too picky. πŸ˜› Hehe

        I got lucky that a friend gave me The Hunger Games and Catching Fire in a space of 1 week that I didn’t have to wait that long to read the next book. And they were both good. Really good if I may say so. πŸ™‚
        But I kinda don’t like the cover for book 3 (in Amazon, the book’s cover is blue). For me, it appears “weak” as compared to the first 2 covers. I really expected the last book would be in gold. Hehe
        I am looking forward to the movie. Hey, maybe I’ll run a contest about movie tickets or a movie date with me when Hunger Games will be shown. Yeah, I’ll do that. Hehe

        And yup, you’ll hear a lot from me from now on since classes are over now. ^_^

  2. Sorry for the late reply, been rather busy.

    I don’t think it looks weak, sky blue I think could symbolize the color of freedom (like a flying bird). A hope for the future that they are putting their life on the line for.

    As for the movie: If they do not cast Fred Willard for Caesar Flickerman I am going to be pissed. He is perfect for that role. As well as Robert Downey Jr or Robert DeNiro (not sure how he would do though) for Haymitch. Though that one is opinion only. The characters under 18 I would go unknown personally. But we will see.

    Graduation, I was not going to attend the ceremony. I just don’t like them, long boring and last one I fell asleep. If I can find a pic from High School i’ll send it to ya.


    •’s okay..Been pretty busy myself. πŸ™‚

      I meant no disrespect when I said blue was kinda “weak” of a color for such a strong trilogy. Maybe I was just expecting the third book to be in gold. You know, to symbolize a “glorious victory” or something to that effect.
      (Alright, I saw a clip of the author interview and Ms. Collins mentioned that they used to live in Belgium back when her pop’s job took them there. So I thought that black-red-and-yellow for cover page colors would be apt for that. :))

      Have to agree with you on the casting of “unknowns” for the younger parts while some Hollywood veterans for the mature roles. I don’t have anyone in mind though. Would rather be pleasantly surprised. Hehehe

      And you better send your high school graduation pic as soon as you unearth it πŸ˜› Hehe

    • Dang. You should have looked hard and far for that. It was my birthday a few weeks ago. It would have made a very nice birthday gift. πŸ˜›
      Well, anyways, there’s still Christmas. You can send it to me then. πŸ˜› Hehehe

  3. Long time no hear. Got curious if you came back to your blog only to find that you got active again after I stopped checking.

    Well, I did graduate from college. My dad used his old camera, but the lighting was bad so the pics are all blurry 😐

    Now to find a job 😦 Any IT positions where your at?

    Also, pre-ordered Mockingjay. I got impatient.

    If I ever get brave enough to post a pic of myself, I will send it your way. Just remember you are asking from one of the least photogenic people out there.

    • Well, after I was able to put our project to sleep, I decided to take it easy and start blogging again. Took you long enough to check though πŸ˜› (well, yeah, I admit my fault for being so inactive for a long time. Hehehe)

      Wow. I’m so proud. Rhino graduating, woohoo! πŸ˜€
      I should get a pic from you. Di bah, we’re friends? πŸ˜›
      Hey, you have nothing to worry about your pic as long as it’s nothing scandalous. Haha (although I think it’s Siddy who has the tendency to star in something um, compromising. Hehe)

      IT jobs? Yup, plenty here in Cebu (and a few where I’m working at). But we can’t afford to pay someone of your caliber. Peso against dollar? Nah. I’m pretty sure your jaw will drop to how low our salaries are compared to what you’ll be receiving there. But living the island life has its perks so…. ^_^

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