Time to Switch Off

60 minutos

Earth Hour

March 27, 2010
8:30 – 9:30 PM

An hour of darkness may influence the brightness of the Earth’s future.
Switch off that light. 🙂
Accompanying image is an “island version” of the popular 60 minutes Earth Hour logo. © Pachuvachuva, 2010.
Brushes downloaded from various internet sources.


7 thoughts on “Time to Switch Off

  1. yes we turned off all our lights, but i guess most people do not believe it would make a dent in reducing pollution. i believe it would take a whole year for the world of not using fossil fuel to be able to make a difference. its ok to use electricity but not generated from fossil fuel.

  2. love the poster mauie! hope you had a great earth hour.

    people don’t realize it, but a little act like switching off the lights for an hour goes a long way. what more if we consciously practice energy saving everyday, all year round?

    btw, will be in cebu for a couple of days in april 🙂

  3. we turned off our lights for the earth hour, and even for my mom’s bbq stall in front of our house. people were asking why and we kept on saying its earth hour and they didnt know what it was. the kids just said for the earth, he he.

  4. Blooey’s right. Our “little efforts” could still go a long way if we ALL consciously strive to do our part continuously and consciously. Talk about ripple effect. 🙂

  5. hi mau!!! =) last year for the Earth Hour, the Phils was able to save 23M kilowatts of electricity just for collectively turning off the switch for an hour!!! that’s still something… even if it is “little effort”, but if everybody does this one, it can be big!!!

  6. this is good, at least it counted for something. and that’s just one hour. Imagine if we learned to use candles every night and walked/pedaled to the workplace everyday. imagine the difference, it would be tremendous.

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