Restrained Foodie

With the unfortunate situation of having to wait for payday plaguing me (really, sweldo, where art thou?), gastronomic adventures would have to be suspended for the time being. No wonder I keep logging on to to check out sinfully looking dishes (though I’m sure they would taste just as divine).

Today’s Epicurious email brought a smile to my lips as the simple Pinoy food Lumpia got featured in their Around the World in 80 Dishes weekly video series. Hurrah for the yummy staple fare! 😀

Philippines: Lumpia

Dang. This post did not do much to cure my gutom. I should have known. Hehe
Alright, gotta go. Stomach’s calling. 😉
Image above is a collage of images from the Epicurious website. ©, 2010.

Btw, my mama makes killer lumpia. ^_^


2 thoughts on “Restrained Foodie

  1. my wife makes killer lumpia too! if you eat em it will kill you. LOL! just jokin..

    kiddin aside. I love her cooking she makes better lumpia than any restaurants i have ever been into.

    btw. cameron diaz made a comment in one of her interviews about the philippines. she said she loved them.

    tasty with tomato ketchup while its still piping hot. yuumm!

    • you mean she loves lumpia or the philippines – with tomato ketchup when it’s piping hot? 😛 hehehe

      bitaw, thanks for the comment ha..glad you dropped by..pagdala nya ug lumpia sa office kanang hinimo sa imong wifey..:D

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