I Went A-Blooey

With the exception of Kate Klise’s Regarding the Bathrooms, the rest of my newest books were all hardbound.

A day after getting my suweldo on July 22, I checked the stacks at Booksale Gaisano Fiesta Mall Branch to see if Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love is still available. Unfortunately for me, it got boxed in with some other books because the staff changed inventory a day before I got there (talk about poor timing :(). Well, they say you can’t stop a bookaholic to acquire new and equally interesting tomes. So instead of wallowing in too-bad-i-missed-that-book-i-want-and-i-feel-depressed induced state, I wore a smile and got these:

Now how does my getting new books have anything to do with my choice of title for this post?

Well, dear readers, if you don’t know it yet, the book blogger extraordinaire Blooey Singson of Sumthinblue.com is famous for her preference for hardbound books. Since she almost always acquires hardbound editions for non-HB books that she already has, the term “doing a blooey” was coined in honor of her unexplainable love for hard covers with awesome jackets. Yes, Blooey is such a darling and a great book-lovin’ friend. How I wish Blooey and I are neighbors so I could take a peek at her fab collection or swap books anytime without paying postage. 😀
Image taken using a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS3.

Blooey really swaps books with anyone from anywhere on the planet through Bookmooch! You may contact here on her website for more details.


2 thoughts on “I Went A-Blooey

  1. It’s scary how people actually call it “doing a Blooey” now.

    Hahaha. The shelf reorganization is in the works (it has been for a couple of years); someday I’ll post photos of all my shelves.

    • Hehe..oh di bah..super sikat na ang friend ko..pa-uso ng term..hehe
      RE: your bookshelf – I’ll be looking forward to that! 😉

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