Debunking The Pier Roxas Mystery

A good story is always good whatever the format. And with the launching of Nokia N8, the company went all interactive by asking the general public to supply the story of what happened to a guy who mysteriously lost 8 days of his life. Our Mystery Man aptly took on the name Pier Roxas after waking up in the docks (hence, pier) along Roxas Blvd with nothing but these 8 leads:

  • Woke up on a pier along Roxas Boulevard
  • A deep bruise on his face
  • Missing wallet
  • A lipstick smudge on his collar
  • Parking ticket
  • Unfamiliar key
  • Smart Gold sim
  • Nokia N8 with no contacts

pier roxas

Seen across different local channels, the Nokia N8 ad has become quite familiar. For weeks, it called for creative minds to piece together what really happened to Pier. Now, on his twitter page, Pier Roxas tweeted that Nokia has finally selected the Final 8.

So how is this interactive? Well, after conquering the scriptwriting hurdle, the final 8 will then shoot the scenes they wrote using the Nokia N8. How’s that for a product test, huh? 🙂

Read more about this contest on Contest mechanics are posted here.
Image courtesy of Nokia.


4 thoughts on “Debunking The Pier Roxas Mystery

  1. Really sorry. I meant to post this way before the deadline to spread the word to a lot of people. I must have forgotten. Really sorry. 😦

  2. And they got me…. I was really asking everybody see it if its true… dli diay toh… saonz…. >.< ehehe… palageh ko naa jud something ato… eheheh…

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