Day 2 – Boy Proof

Day 2 of our Love in 28 Days countdown features this cute-yet-not-your-usual-teenage-love-story from Cecil Castelucci.

Boy Proof by Cecil Castelucci

Egg is a fan of all things sci-fi (her name’s even taken from a movie character that she idolizes so much). She gets good grades and is haughty enough to make that fact known to almost anyone even with the people she hangs out with in school. Although for Egg, associating with people is such a strenuous business. Ever the loner, she prefers to do things by herself. And boys? They’re such a no-no for her that’s why she tried making herself boy proof by wearing the standard Egg outfit – long white cloak, white pants, white shirt, pale white skin, shaved head, orange penciled in eyebrows and an I’m-bored-and-so-want-to-get-out-of-here expression.

Enter Max Carter. The son of a famous documentary filmmaker who, after traveling all over the world owing to his dad’s job, decided to enroll in the local Beverly Hills high school. And while he is able to befriend almost anyone, he still doesn’t get Egg although the two of them have more things in common than Nelly, the snotty editor-in-chief of the school paper, who declared she’s got first dibs on the hot and artsy new guy.

Short and sweet. That’s how I find this story. And this is not just about Egg and Max. It’s more about how Egg hatched from her shell and became a better version of herself making solid friendships and a cute romance with none other than the boy who told her, “you make yourself so unapproachable.”

And if anyone should ask, I’ve read this for more than 20 times already. 😉

Hope today’s offering whet your appetite. Stay tune for tomorrow’s dish. And if you want to catch what we reviewed yesterday, click here. ^_^
Image courtesy of The L*ve only logo is © by Pachuvachuva, 2011.


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