Day 4 – Getting to Third Date

Getting to Third Date - Kelly McClymer

Katelyn Spears is a firm believer in the two-date rule. First dates are awkward; every guy deserves a second chance. But a third? Not unless he’s got serious Romeo potential.

Enter Tyler. Tyler thinks Katelyn’s rule is too harsh. He dares her to go back through her Little Pink Book and grant a third date to all the two-date duds. Oh, and she should report back to the whole school via her newspaper column.

Determined to prove Tyler wrong, Katelyn makes a few phone calls. But will any of her old flames rekindle a romance?

I like the story because I can relate to Katelyn’s character. How she agreed to do the “Mother Hubbard” column, their school paper’s century-old Agony Aunt section, just because she was cornered by Tyler – THE Tyler who makes her heart palpitate, makes her agree to anything he says, makes her do the column even if she would seriously quit it had the circumstances been any different. That Tyler.

And why did I say that I can relate to that?

Because not just once did I had a major major crush on a fellow member of the editorial board. Flashback some years ago in high school, I got lucky and got accepted as junior writer for the school paper (even if I was just accompanying some friends then when they took the qualifying exams. Because I didn’t have anything better to do, I took the exam, too, and the rest is history. :D). That first meeting with school paper staff, my cutie radar zoomed in on one of the senior writers and my sophomore year just turned out super. And it’s not that I have a thing for writers but had 2 more writer crushes (who were my good friends at the same time. Was such a stalker. Hehe) until I graduated from HS. 😀

College. Now it was a tango turned bad. First we hated each other. Then I kind of liked him. Then a year or so after he became our senior artist/cartoonist, he kind of liked me. But since we’re so bad with spoken words that we never really admitted to anything until I graduated. Maybe in the back of our minds, we felt that our friendship was way more important (boo!!! if a guy/girl tells you this, then he/she doesn’t really like you enough to risk it) and decided not to pursue a relationship. Sad but that’s how life is sometimes. Hehe

But now, back to the book as I’ve already segued too much. 😀

So there I’m recommending the book if you’re into crushing on someone in silence while taking your sweet time devising a no-fail strategy to get your man or girl. 🙂

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