Day 6 – Almost Married

Today, we go Filipino with this chick lit from veteran writer, Tara FT Sering.

Almost Married by Tara FT Sering

After a traumatic engagement to a man who eventually cheated on her, 28-year old Karen is, once again, committed – this time to a seemingly perfect guy named Bert Reyno. And their year-old relationship rocks: she finds him funny and sweet, he thinks she’s amusing and sexy, the conversation is satisfying and the sex is great…so why not get married? But the ghosts of relationships past keep coming back to haunt her and suddenly, Bert seems too good to be true. Determined to spare herself from future heartbreak, Karen goes on a soul-searching trip, only to find herself buried in even more doubts: Is she ready to grow old and wrinkly with Bert? What about all the other hot guys? And is Bert like every other cheating male? Will she ever learn to completely love and trust someone again – without thinking the whole thing is just a Wow, Mali! scam?

The blurb is just about right. It’s just Karen who has a problem here. Bert is not too good to be true (no man is…they’re either just good or not) but it’s her who is just not ready to let go of the past nor excited to work on her future. Only Tara FT Sering’s narration and crisp dialogues saved this. I just can’t find myself rooting for Karen. She’s too flaky, too paranoid and just annoying in between. “What does Bert see in her?” was frequently one of the many questions that I’ve been trying to answer while re-reading this book for the nth time. I kinda like the book (again, the credit goes to Sering and not to her main protagonist) but I’m not so sold out. However, I’d rather have you guys read this yourselves. 🙂
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