Cover Cravings #4 : Something Biblical

We have brought you fabulous covers from the Bloomsbury Group, the redefinition of Penguin Classics in RED, and the art deco style of the Phryne Fisher novels. Now we turn on the spotlight on these “bible-themed” mysteries.

The Cadfael Chronicles is a historical murder mystery series by prolific author Edith Pergater writing as Ellis Peters. Spanning 17 years (from 1977 to 1994),  there are 20 novels featuring the rather unusual monk Brother Cadfael.

As a character, Cadfael is an unusual monk, only entering the cloister in his forties after being both a soldier and a sailor; this experience gives him an array of talents and skills useful in monastic life. He is a skillful observer of human nature, a talented herbalist, which skill he learned in the Holy Lands and while a prisoner of the Muslims. He is also inquisitive by nature, energetic, and has an innate, although modern, sense of justice and fair-play. Abbots call upon him as a medical examiner, detective, doctor, and diplomat. His worldly knowledge, although useful, gets him in trouble with the more doctrinaire characters of the series, and the seeming contradiction between the secular and the spiritual worlds forms a central and continuing theme of the stories.



We timed the fourth installment of our Cover Cravings “series” on Maundy Thursday to celebrate  Holy Week with the rest of the Catholics around the world. (Yes, I am a Roman Catholic. :))

I have yet to read any of these books but basing on the numerous  acclaims and the loyal following (with a BBC radio and TV series to boot), these should whet any mystery-lover’s appetite. And don’t you just dig the artwork? These remind me so much about the bible stories I’ve read as a kid.

Well, my birthday’s coming up. Would so love to receive these as birthday presents. ^_^


All photos are from various internet sources. Most of the information were from


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