Pasalubong Series # 2

Fabulous finds like this ornate jewelry can instantly add oomph to a formal or even casual outfit. Not to mention a pride of ownership that can only be had when you know that what you bought is of the highest quality.

Bet you wanna know where you can get this in Cebu, ayt?

CLUE: The pasalubong center I’m referring to is situated in a first-rate mall right in the business district.

3 thoughts on “Pasalubong Series # 2

  1. oooh i know!! that’s in Ayala!! kanang stalls lining the small walkway going to the Taxi stand, the one beside somera and some jewelry shoppe! wait, does that walkway still exist? haven’t been there since….2006? KUK (that’s Katawa Ug Kusog, bisaya sa LOL! nyahahaha!)

    • Hehe! 🙂

      Yup. That’s in Ayala gyod. But they have a new location inside the mall. Will reveal that later today (nig lunch break siguro..hehe)

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