Kalye Sugbu: A Glammed Up Pasalubong Mecca

A visit to the beautiful island of Cebu is never complete without the requisite photo ops at famed beaches, historical sites and a taste of delectable Cebuano cooking (and oh, a date or two with a beautiful Cebuana, too, says a friend of mine ^_^).

But with Cebu offering everything from heritage tours to oh-so-fun-yet-so-cheap weekend getaways, your calendar is all booked up to the last minute. So how can you possibly cram “getting your family and friends pasalubong and trinkets” into your busy schedule?
(Dang! You just remembered your friend Brian asking you to bring home the yummy chicharon that he swears helped him to get that promotion. And oops! Your bff Katrina did mention she wants a new funky bag. Aren’t you in a bind?)

Enter Kalye Sugbu.

Read on to find out more about one of Cebu’s best kept secrets as to why this island just gets visited more often than the next province.

A few years back, buying pasalubong in the Philippines was pretty much inconvenient as you had to go directly to the source to buy the particular merchandise you wanted. But gone are the days when people are willing to trudge through miles of stalls just to get that perfect souvenir to bring home to family and friends after a few days of vacation in an exotic locale. In this fast paced world, people want to be gratified instantly and conveniently.

Now, what better way to promote tourism and local products by marrying convenience with charm and quality?

Nestled in the heart of Ayala Center, Kalye Sugbu enjoys the benefit of being tucked in some sort of a secret hideaway and the convenience of being near the parking area (especially if you intend to make a quick getaway). The pasalubong center is situated right next to a Forex Station (how convenient it is to have your Benjamins changed to pesos first before buying pasalubong, noh?), the Rustan’s Supermarket and what used to be a rather famous ACC attraction, its Wishing Well or Fountain (as a child, I was one of those who threw pennies for a couple of wishes :)).

Kalye Sugbu offers a wide range of mostly Cebuano delicacies and trinkets – from camote tops to bagoong in glass jars to cute bags and purses and yes, even trendy puppy outfits – every nook and cranny of this delightful mini market is crammed full of treasures that will surely bring a smile to every buyer, giver or recipient.

Looking for one-of-a-kind accessories that a fashionista BFF will surely sport as a party bling? No worries. Kalye Sugbu has got you covered. How about a snack for your classmates on your upcoming study group before a big exam? Worry not. Kalye Sugbu will make sure you shop conveniently and securely (well, being located in Ayala Center Cebu certainly has its perks *wink*).

Visit Kalye Sugbu today before booking that flight home:
Souvenir/Pasalubong Zone
Basement I, Ayala Center Cebu
Cebu Business Park



3 thoughts on “Kalye Sugbu: A Glammed Up Pasalubong Mecca

    • Thanks, te carms! 🙂
      I like that place, too. In fact, nakapalit jud ko ug ahat. Good thing I was able to use it sad. ^_^

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