The Traveling Reader on Webify Me!

Have you tried to find out what your web personality is? If not, then it’s high time you do. Mozilla Firefox just launched Webify Me!– a funky web service that provides visual concept on what you usually use the internet for after you answer some 20 questions.

Ready to find out what makes you [internet] tick? Then click here:

Here’s a peek on who I am when surfing: The Traveling Reader on Webify Me!

The Traveling Reader on Webify Me!

(When you go to my webify gallery – see that blue link above – please click on the items to view their respective descriptions.)

Who are you? A mystery, an enigma, a chameleon that no one really knows. You know what you need to keep private, and what to show the outside world. Your identity is yours alone — wear them proudly, anonymous.

Everything’s better with a monkey in it. Monkeys are fun, smart, and optimistic. You got this crafty monkey because it reflects your own delightful optimism and playfulness. Or maybe you like bananas?

You know what’s next; you have it all written down in your date book -the symbol of The Organizer. You’re the one we turn to when we are in doubt, for you hold the answers.

The symbol of unpretentious creativity and art. You are almost certainly imbued with a child-like curiosity and an unfettered imagination, enjoy self expression and bright colors. You are child-like, or may actually be a child.

Gum is not just a snack, it’s a tiny rectangular activity. It demands participation and rewards you with freshness, if only for a fleeting moment.

Oh Master of the Keys, only you have the password to the deepest dungeons of my online existence. Let’s keep it that way.

Your buddies will be overjoyed to learn that you’ve drawn the Friendship Bracelet. It stands for sociability and your talent for making each friend, online and off, feel special. So very special.

The mark of the professional — you’ve defined yourself in the business world, and earned a fancy title for your efforts.

You like to set a course for adventure, your mind on a new experience. Your treasured memories are your reward. Therefore you richly deserve The Nautilus!

‘Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart’ said the poet Kahlil Gibran. But he never had to deal with high definition video. You are The Illusionist — master of your own appearance, poet of the eyeliner pen.

Infinite kindness and fortune, they smile upon you. You’re searches lead you to answers, and you’re feeling lucky.

Quick: look out your window. Any purple mountains’ majesty? Amber waves of grain? We wouldn’t be surprised, because you’re in the U-S-A!
(NOTE: I don’t live in the USA though I’d like to visit it someday. ;))

The photo strip, a talisman of remembrance and the nostalgia that goes along with it. You see value in conjuring the past and posting it to your Wall.

You have drawn The Compass, for you know which way is up. Looking for adventure and whatever comes your way, you’re as prepared as a scout and as bold as a pioneer.

Wield the tools to make it yours, for you are unique — and your browser can reflect that.

You have drawn the Mark of the Connection; Active, strong and reliable — that’s you. People count on you to keep grounded at all times, even up in the air.

Are these the ones that eat eucalyptus, or bamboo? Well, they’re cute either way.

While checking out other galleries here, I found out that most people get the friendship bracelet, the datebook, a magazine or newspaper (which I didn’t get) and the disguise. Well, your results are dependent on your answers so if you want a clear picture of your web cruising personality, better be honest (it helps if you pick the first thing that comes to mind when choosing among several options).

The Traveling Reader Logo & insignia © The Traveling Reader, 2011.
Firefox and Webify Me! are properties of Mozilla. All rights reserved.


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