World Teachers’ Day 2011

Today, October 5, we give thanks to our teachers and mentors who have in one way or another helped us learn, who instilled discipline in us, who awoken our curiosities, who made us see the world in a different light, and who in their unique ways helped shaped the person who we are now.

Happy World Teachers Day to all the teachers! πŸ™‚

And to my own whom I haven’t seen for quite some time now, I thank you all for sharing your lives with me. I know I wasn’t a model student back then and that I could have performed better in school, but still I am grateful for the time and effort you invested. I have found friends in most of you and that to me is one of the greatest gifts you have ever bestowed on this slack who forgot to do her assignment sometimes. πŸ™‚

Images Β© The Traveling Reader, 2011.

TRIVIA: Incidentally, I’m also a licensed Math teacher for high school although I have yet to start practicing that profession. I took the LET in 2010 out of sheer “craziness” and miracle of miracles, I passed. πŸ˜€


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