Mouth-Watering Monday #4

Mouth-Watering Monday is a new weekly meme started by Brittany at Nice Girls Read Books. As book bloggers, we love to admire pretty covers, old and new. This meme takes the guilt out of judging a book by its cover, instead embracing it and showing off our favourite finds of the week!


You’re in for an orangey-green (or is it greenish orange?) treat this week! Savor the coverlicious goodness of these beauties.

interworld by neil gaiman and michael reaves when you reach me by rebecca stead
between two ends by david ward black juice by margo lanagan

Sorry that my post is a day late. I wasn’t feeling too well yesterday (and even today) so I wasn’t able to post this then. 🙂

Images are properties of their respective authors and publishers. All rights reserved.


6 thoughts on “Mouth-Watering Monday #4

  1. Hi! This is my second try at commenting your blog post. There seems to be a problem with the first one; got lost or something along the way. Anyway, I just want you to know, thank you for dropping by my blog! From your great choices, I dearly love Interworld and Between Two Ends; Interworld because it’s dramatic and Between Two Ends because it looks like a thought-provoking editorial cartoon. 🙂

    • Hi, Nancy! 🙂

      I’m not sure about what happened to your first comment. I’m sorry about that though. But I’m glad you still commented for the 2nd time. 🙂

      Anyways, thanks for stopping by. I had fun selecting books for this particular entry but I’m having more fun sharing it with fellow bloggers like you. I like what you picked this week, too! 🙂

  2. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog today 🙂

    I love your cover picks, especially the Interworlds one; it looks so exciting! Maybe it’s the pose of the character on the cover (looking towards the sky, fist clenched), or the way he’s portrayed differently with each panel. Really cool!

    • I got that same feeling, too, when I saw the Interworld cover for the first time. Thanks for stopping by Sasha. Would dearly love to see what you’ll feature next week. 🙂

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