What I Want for Christmas

This post is solely for our manita-manito purposes on Sunday, December 18th. So, Carms, Junrex, Chen, Macoy, Tin, Wilbur, Wilma, Jeanette, Jez & Dwight, please comment with whatever you want to receive sa atong party. Minimum Php 200 daw. πŸ˜€


21 thoughts on “What I Want for Christmas

  1. Ang akoa kay headbands (at least 2..hehe)..naa sa metro..Claire ang brand..or anything siguro basta cute or sparkly or bejeweled or something with a flower/s..Hehe
    Thanks daan to my manito/manita! πŸ˜‰

  2. i would love to have any of the following:
    maternity dress/ blouse
    flat sandals for daily use (pang office) (size 5)
    hehehe… suggestion lng ni sya pero mudawat japun ko og bsan unsa bsta gkan sa heart hehehehe…thanks daan…

  3. mine: anything will do. in case feel ninyo muhatag ug shoes, my size is 6.5 or 37. heheheh…:)
    wilbur: anything mannish will do as long as the colors are not to catchy ..preferably color black.. (puol! :P). i think he is 2XL naman on shirts.

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