A Huge Thank You to Molly Snow and Flynn Meaney

I’d like to think I’m a very lucky person for having won a bunch of drawings in the past. Whenever we travel and choose Cebu Pacific as our airline of choice, I would not close my eyes to relax not until the flight attendants have done initiating in-flight games. And I’ve amassed quite a few of random Cebu Pacific items – shoe bag, wallet, pen, etc. I’ve also been quite fortunate to win books from book blogs. But I’ve never won anything major until I joined author Molly Snow‘s Blog Tour Grand Raffle.

You bet my surprise and happiness when Molly tweeted me to check my email. Long before I clicked it open, I had a hunch about what it was.

I squealed. I mean what do you do when you’ve won something really grand? 😀

But I kept mum about winning (well, except to The Dude and my sister. I had to share my happiness or else burst from too much excitement). I’m too superstitious to want to ruin my chances of getting my hands on Molly’s prizes especially the kindle touch. Four weeks after Molly’s announcement, I received the notice from the post office. And I hurried over there as fast as my legs could carry me. It was already 30 minutes before closing time but I was hoping they would still be open by then. And I wasn’t disappointed. I got such really cool stuff! 😀

Because my lucky stars were working overtime to make me a really happy reader, I also got a really nice surprise from author Flynn Meaney also on the same day! Wheee!

It’s an advance reading copy her upcoming YA novel, The Boy Recession, which I have featured for my Waiting on Wednesday #10 post.

Aah! Life. So sweet. Couldn’t be happier.

Stay tuned for my reviews for these fab books and of the kindle touch while I go enjoy them. ^_^

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15 thoughts on “A Huge Thank You to Molly Snow and Flynn Meaney

  1. Oh. My. God! You won a Kindle Touch! Wow! I have been trying since forever to win a Kindle but no luck. 😦

    Congratulations!!! Happy reading on Kindle! 🙂

    • I don’t want to gloat but yeah, you have the right to be “suya”. 😀
      Lingaw kaayo siya nga device. I bring it just about anywhere. Kuwang nalang hasta inig mag-cr o maligo. Hehe

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